on ‎07-28-2018 06:47 AM



I’m still working on the PIs as there are issues when the cameras drop out and reconnect etc, with the screens starting to strobe. I’ve had multiple PIs set up before this project and they are fairly stable, however it seems that the crontab job causing the flickering upon reconnecting the feed. Hoping once my dev Pi turns up I’ll be able to work on a new solution. 


Historically I’ve had issue with storage ranges and I’ve put the buffer in there just in case, but in 4 days with the system recording at medium on most cameras I’ve used 1TB of space. Also, UV software doesn’t always clear the files off the system and uses a lot of storage that cannot be recovered without clearing all the disk space out, however one system I’ve installed uses 70 cameras currently with the plans to put more in with 3 weeks of footage and that system full currently with 30TB of usable storage. 


There are also plans with this system to expand the system further which is another reason for the extra storage.