UniFi Protect records Bobcat and her 3 kittens

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UniFi Protect, recorded this mother Bobcat bringing her 3 kittens back to the den after their Thanksgiving morning hunt.


Bobcats normally hunt solo, but at this age the mother bobcat will bring her maturing kittens along  to teach them to hunt. 


These kittens are now half the size of their mother.








The mother leads the way, but then stops to make sure the kittens are still following.  When younger, the kittens can be vulnerable to predators like foxes, coyotees and bald eagles.  But at this age, and traveling in a group, there is less to worry about.  But she still doesn't want the any stragglers. 





In the video, she doubles back and brings the first kitten along with her.  Like house cat kittens, this little one is full of energy and kicks its hind feet up over the rocks.





The mother heads to the den in the rocky cliffs on the right, but the first kitten stops and waits for his siblings.  The first kitten decides to test the hunting ambush skills mom has been teaching by pretending the second kitten is prey and crouching down behind a rock as it approaches. The second kitten hurdles over a rock but then with good situational awareness, turns right early to avoid the first kittens ambush game. 







At the end of the video, after about 20 seconds of wait, the final kittens hurries to join the rest in the den.





Bobcats are energetic ambush predators who mainly catch rabbits.  But I think during the fall, squirrels running around hiding nuts are also game.  At this stage, the mother is responsible for catching enough food to support herself and growing kittens, who combined weigh more than she does.   


She will soon turn these kittens loose and then they'll each have to establish their own territory and catch their own game. 





These UniFi G3 cameras are located on a remote mountain top with about a mile of fiber optic cables leading back to the UniFi CloudKey Gen2 Plus, acting as the NVR. 






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Very cool! Thanks for the post! Incredible animals! Glad a camera was there instead of me! Man Happy

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Really cool application.  The video swims a bit, like the camera is swaying in the breeze, correct?

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here kitty kitty kitty....:-)