Migration from Milestone to Unifi Protect

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Hi All,


In order for this story to make sense, I have to help explain my previous system.  in early 2015 before I got married I had deployed some Grandstream cameras on my home as I live in a Unique area of Salt Lake City.  Lot of drug addicts and homeless people wandering around my neghiborhood doing weird things.  I tried several Software sollutions (Blue Iris, Grandstream, Zoneminder, and a few others) I finally settled on Milestone.  the reason was I found that Milestone was extremely flexible with the types of cameras you can use with it.  as long as they offer onvif or RTSP they will work with it just fine.  Oringally I had looked at G2s as the G3s werent out at the time but you had to use Unifi software with the G2s which I wasn't impressed with.  Also the cost of the cameras compared to the Grandstream made them cost prohibitive at the time.  Eventually I upgraded to newer versions of milestone over the years which was nice considering they made it so you could retain unlimited data along with LDAP Intergration.  The only real con of milestone was 8 cameras with the free edition was the limit, and no Linux support.  


Now fast forward 3.5 years later After deploying protect at a clients site I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my home system to protect.  Early on before my this previous install I had considered Unifi G2 but did not like the fact that RTSP  was not a feature on the G2 Cameras.  when the G3 Cameras came out I kept an eye on them for quite some time.  when Protect came out I had purchased a camera to use with the CK2+ with the G3 Flexability.  I was beyond impressed with the picture quality, amongst other features of it.  The G3 camera series are also more of a lower profile camera compared to my existing grandstream cameras.   Now Granite Protect is still in its early stages but it definately looks promising.  The G3 Flex is definately a steal in quality for the price you pay for it.   I bought 3 G3 Pros and didn't think I would notice much quality difference in the picture.  Indeed you can definately tell a difference.  Another reason I went to protect was I needed Audio in my area as there is always something weird going on and in order to Know what exactly is happening The audio is needed.  In my state it is legal, it just has to be posted for it to be admissable in court.  Video Does NOT have to be posted.  The lack of a debian package currently is a downer but I hope that one is released, but the Cloud Key G2+ seems to be holding up really well under a load of 10 cameras.  We are getting a Puppy for Christmas and I have the G3 Micro so we can talk to her through the protect app when me and the wife are at work during the week.  


Would like to give a shoutout to the Unifi Video Team and some others who have helped me immensely During the contemplation of this upgrade.  
























IMG_0461.JPGCustom Made Mount


IMG_0462.JPGUnifi G3 Pro


IMG_0463.JPGBase of G3 Pro


IMG_0465.JPG2 of the 7 Cameras Replaced








IMG_0485.JPG1 Flex Cam to replace the GXV3610


IMG_0487.JPG1 of the cameras Taken out from the inside


IMG_0488.JPGOld camera removed from outside


IMG_0490.JPGSeveral of the old cameras that have been removed


IMG_1619.JPGA drug addict pounding on my door from View of the old Grandstream cameras


IMG_1620.JPGAnother photo of EMT's trying to help a crack addict


IMG_1733.JPGpart of new custom mount


IMG_1734.JPGNew cusom mount for G3 Pro


IMG_1735.JPGthe G3 Pro on the new custom mount


IMG_1738.JPGThe base of the old Custom mount for the GXV3674FHD


IMG_1739.JPGOld Grandstream Camera


IMG_1740.JPGMount and ends of old cameras


IMG_1741.JPGOld mount with Liquid tight protecting the cable and connectors


IMG_1742.JPGNew Custom mount being built


IMG_1743.JPGCable coming out of the mount




IMG_1745.JPGTop of Camera and Mount


IMG_1746.JPGAnother view of the camera


IMG_1749.JPGLiquid Tight fittingn


IMG_1750.JPGCable coming out of the old mount


IMG_1751.JPGThe cable plugged into the old camera


IMG_1752.JPGAnother view of the top of the old mounts


IMG_1753.JPGCable coming through the custom mount base


IMG_1754.JPGAlmost ready for the base


IMG_1755.JPGReady for the camera


IMG_1756.JPGHouston we have Lift Off


{"location":{"title":"Salt Lake City, UT, USA","placeId":"ChIJ7THRiJQ9UocRyjFNSKC3U1s"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"unifi-video-g3-pro-camera","count":6},{"id":"unifi-video-camera-g3","count":1},{"id":"unifi-video-camera-micro","count":1},{"id":"unifi-video-camera-g3-dome","count":1},{"id":"unifi-cloud-key-gen2-plus","count":1},{"id":"unifi-video-g3-flex-camera","count":1}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"","mainImage":"186950i439A2BEB184FAEEA"}

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Awesome upgrade!

3 weeks ago

Great job dude!!!

3 weeks ago

Nice job!

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Hmmm, think you got to focus a bit more on those fancy custom mounts! Man Wink

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The chalkboard - "My husband is the most..." mashble? 



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@EricE Wife got drunk and started doodling on the board one night

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What did you make those camera mounts out of?

3 weeks ago

Milestone to unifi?  That doesn't sound like a upgrade.  How has the transition been?  Any milestone features you miss?  

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@EGadmin the mounts are made out of outdoor rated Electrical boxes, and weatherproof Covers (Plastic) and LiquidTight conduit.  Do you like em?



@smyers119 It hasn't been too bad.  The Picture quality of Unifi and Protect is why I dumped my GS and went to protect.  This was not done on a whim but after watching protect progress from early on to where it is now.  It is by no means finished, but is getting better and better as time goes on.

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I would call this a downgrade. We use both Milestone Xprotect and Unifi and I can tell you the Unifi systems can't even touch Milestone. We use the Hikvision 5Mp cameras and the difference is day and night vs the Unifi cameras at the same price. I have never used Grandstream cameras (they do make good phones), we have use either Axis or Hikvision. We have done some large 50+ camera systems with Milestone and Hikvision.