10G Home Data Center

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This is an update to a previous story.  I moved, and seriously upgraded my home network to a full on 10G dual fiber Data Center.  The full story is on my wiki, but I took a spare 17'x11' room in the basement, UniFi'ed the crap out of it, added a bunch of power and AC, and below is the result.


It's a biggish house, and I wanted to go all out, no compromises with this build since this is our "forever" home.  I'm also going big into home automation, so I wanted a very reliable network with as many things on Ethernet as I could to free up WiFi spectrum.  I'm very pleased with the outcome, my WiFi is providing 400Mbps download speeds.


* Cincinnati Bell 1G down/250M up FTTH primary, 200M/6M Spectrum cable fail-over WAN

* XG-8 10G Router with full IPS/IDS enabled

* 4 XG-16 core switches, dual 10G SFP+ LAG uplinks

* 3 US-48 (1 750W POE, 1 48-L2-POE, 1 US-48) + 1 US-16 POE Distribution switches

* 8 US-8 (some POE, some powered by POE) local switches

* 6 UAP-AC-HD WiFi access points

* 1 UAS-XG UniFi and UVC server

* 5 UVC-Pro

* 4 UVC-G3 Cameras

* 5 UVC-Micro cameras

* 5 Ring Floodlight cameras

* 2 Ring Doorbell cameras

* 7 Sonos Connect Amp for audio

* 3 Tivo Bolt for TV

* 2 HD HomeRun for local TV

* 3 Dell rack mount severs (Proxmox and FreeNAS)

* 1 Rack mount Mac Mini server

* 7 VLAN

* All private services (web, email, wiki, Plex, NextCloud)

* Sonnet 10G copper NIC for local PCs

* Dual 10G fiber to 4 PC locations

* Cat6a cabling throughout (80 drops)

* 1.5 ton mini-split AC

* 6 1500VA CyberPower UPS 








Network_bottom.jpgNetworking Bottom


Network_top.jpgNetwokring Top

Server_top.jpgServer Top



Entertain_bottom.jpgEntertainment Bottom


Entertain_top.jpgEntertainment top


Server_bottom.jpgServer bottom


Rack_front.jpgFront of Racks


Wire_patch15.jpgCable trough


Door6.jpgEntrace to my lair




Cameras_status.jpgCamera StatusCameras_all.jpgUVC Cameras


My old setups





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:-D Nice work ... but what a nonsense is that ? My complete network witch does neary the same came out with less than 100 watts. The power consum will be massive

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This is awesome! Your wiki is also super detailed - interesting read. This looks like one of the situations where it's someone who is genuinely passionate about Ubiquiti and just wanted to go all out. Is it all entirely necessary? No, but if you can why not. 


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@bferrell   Great job !!


Those that don't understand this forget that 12 years ago, a 1 Mbps connection was considered great.  A T1 line was considered super luxury that no one needed. 

18 years ago 150Kbps was huge compared to dialup speeds of 54kBps.  


Every year people think that for some reason future speed demand increases will stop.  They won't.   This house will actually not be forever when speeds go to 100gigs, but it will outlast all the houses stuck at 1-gig.  



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Yea, not totally necessary, for sure, but a few thoughts.


I run several VLANs, the busiest is the Security Cameras, but WiFi, Guest network, VM servers, their SAN, IOT, etc.  With UBNT all inter-VLAN traffic has to go up to the router, and I wanted IPS/IDS since I run all of my own services (email, wiki, private cloud, web, Plex, etc.) so I wanted to be able to utilize the 1G link fully with IPS, and be able to quickly stream very large files across the local network as I build out my Plex library.  Plus I do ICS Cyber Security at work and wanted to solidify some of the concepts (thus some of the VM stacking, etc.).

3 weeks ago

@Snotmann Anything else in the UBNT line cannot do IPS at 1G, as I mentioned, so no, not really.  Also wanted to do the interVLAN routing at full 10G.  I want the IPS because I'm running all of my own services.  I run my services because I want actual privacy, and as I understand it, that is not legally protected if a third party hosts your services.  Also, I wanted to learn the virtualization, and that helps with my day job.  Part of buying the 1G FTTH is make sure that the product is kept available in the marketplace, and I do use the upload speed with my Cloud instance and Plex.  The 10G is partly future-proofing, partly learning fiber and SFP+ tech, partly that it's awesome to copy a full HD movie in about a minute instead of 10-15 is pretty awesome.  So, a bunch of things coming together.  And I wanted to, and I'm happy to pay the electric bill.  We also installed geothermal heating and cooling, so the utilty completely revamped my incoming power feed for me, and we're looking at solar.

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Is that custom Sonos racking? 


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It's a standard fitted rack by Penn Elecom.  They have a bunch for nearly anything.  The Tivo bolt rack shelves are by Mid-Atlantic though.  I like the Penn stuff better generally, but they didn't have anything for the Tivo that I could find.






Entertain_bottom.jpgCustom Tivo and Sonos rack shelves by Mid Atlantic and Penn Elcom

by Ubiquiti Employee
2 weeks ago

Thanks, you've put my little closet to shame......   Great writeup! 


Who makes the silver brushed cable management unit?  Looks like it matches the UniFi theme quite well.  With a washer or two, the depth would probably be flush with switches.

2 weeks ago

Yea, sadly I had to paint them myself, but I wanted the "networking" section of the rack standout.  If it weren't such a pain I'd pull the patch panels out and spray them too, but it's a bridge too far (at least for now).  Krylon "Aluminum" colored Fusion.


Nicely done bferrell!


You don't see this in residential every day...