3 weeks ago

@Snotmann Anything else in the UBNT line cannot do IPS at 1G, as I mentioned, so no, not really.  Also wanted to do the interVLAN routing at full 10G.  I want the IPS because I'm running all of my own services.  I run my services because I want actual privacy, and as I understand it, that is not legally protected if a third party hosts your services.  Also, I wanted to learn the virtualization, and that helps with my day job.  Part of buying the 1G FTTH is make sure that the product is kept available in the marketplace, and I do use the upload speed with my Cloud instance and Plex.  The 10G is partly future-proofing, partly learning fiber and SFP+ tech, partly that it's awesome to copy a full HD movie in about a minute instead of 10-15 is pretty awesome.  So, a bunch of things coming together.  And I wanted to, and I'm happy to pay the electric bill.  We also installed geothermal heating and cooling, so the utilty completely revamped my incoming power feed for me, and we're looking at solar.