Feels like Christmas morning. New camera setup

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Just finished up an install at a local church to Unifi Protect. Setup two cloud keys ( 5 TB) to manage outdoor (7 G3 bullet) cameras and indoor (13 flex) cameras separately and maximize video retention. So far everyone’s loving the ease of use and camera navigation. We can finally track an invididual with minimal blind spots and in real time. 

310B8131-A393-4941-A7D4-60B99BA357BE.jpegTraveling 15-20 mph but braking for the intersection.


Update: 4/16/19

Yesterday I was asked to price out and order replacement cameras for a log cabin sitting on the back of the property. The building currently is connected with nanostation locos. This morning the 5 pack of the G3’s bullets cameras, cloud key gen 2 plus and another 8 port switch arrived and went up without a hitch.


Over the weekend we finished running power to the parking lot entrance. I made a little box and stuffed a g3 inside it and mounted it to the pole. So far it’s been able to capture license plates with minimal issues. The pole it’s mounted to stays on most of the night so the IR reflecting off of plates has not been an issue so far. I’ve attached a plate view from my car roughly doing 15-20 mph. I have the enhanced zoom turned on but I’m thinning a Pro might work better for this set up. 






E3DCFA17-78E2-4546-A88E-72F33BCCE565.jpegG3 Flex with ceiling mount


 The field of view on the flex still blows me away. I did turn off the distortion correction, but the difference is marginal. 4285D34E-6C05-4BD4-9C91-7FE78E9B210C.jpegDriveway camera.




35DF4143-B0FA-45BB-BF61-3448B42190AE.jpegNanostation loco for the driveway entrance camera


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wow, impressed. I see that you used the Nano station. Was that for a point to point bridge? I am attempting a similar setup for my Church and there are no reasonable ways to run wire. 

Can you use a nano station for a point to point to bridge between switches?

thanks for any info.


God bless you brother!



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Yeah we ran a camera out to the driveway entrance. Might add a second camera to the pole at a later date, but the current setup is nanostation with one camera with the nanostation loco plugged into a switch inside the church. 

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More pictures?

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You got lucky with that license plate.

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So far it seems to get a majority (IR off) of the License plates. At the very least we are able to get a good vehicle description. 

3 weeks ago

It’s not consistent but occasionally it works. A traffic light may go in at that intersection which could help to slow people down. I tried out a g3 pro for the optical zoom. It did help during the day but no real change at night