AF5X-HD Swap yields easy 20% Performance Improvement

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On Friday, I swapped out another pair of AF5X's and replaced them with the new LTU based AF5X-HD.

Dishes, channel size, frequency, and conducted power remained the same. 






The 6 mile 5X link runs on a 30mhz channel with a 75% duty cycle. Its been running for 3 years.

It had always run at 8X, and when installed it initially had a download of 197Mbps. Over the years with firmware improvements, the capacity slowly increased to 225Mbps with an aggregate of 298Mbps.


I needed more capacity, so I decided to upgrade to the AF5X-HD.

I installed the AF5X-HD one side at a time. Once the second powered up, it instantly linked at 10X providing 269Mbps downloads with an aggregate of 355Mbps on a 30mhz channel.






After several days, the link has never dropped to 8X. This simple swap resulted in a 20% increase for this critical backhaul.


Here it is running almost to capacity.





We've been doing a lot of these 5X to 5X-HD swaps lately.  The AF5X-HD is allowing us to quickly increase our backhaul capacity without wasting frequency spectrum.



Below is a comparison of the 30mhz channel size aggregate capacity of Wifi AC, the AF5X and the AF5X-HD


As you can see, the AF5X-HD will provide 65% performance increase compared to Wifi chipset based backhauls and 20% more than the AF5X. 









For both sides of this link, I used the included IP67 water protection kit.  For more info on that kit, see here:

{"location":{"title":"USA","placeId":"EiA5OCBFbG0sIExhbmNhc3RlciwgVkEgMjI1MDMsIFVTQQ"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"airfiber-5xhd","count":1}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"Two AF5X-HD's paired with a Slant45 30dB dish on each end. ","mainImage":"142720i69BD696499CA60B7"}

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on ‎02-11-2018 08:44 PM

Since the af5x hd is not compatible with the af5x I'm guessing the link was either offline for the period it took replace the radio at both ends or that you had a second antenna on one end that would allow the link to stay up until the radio could be swapped on the far end?

on ‎02-12-2018 05:55 AM

@dignome  In this case, I had another link.   If you have two people, you can swap them in about a minute or two.  If using one person, in many cases you can use a PTMP CPE as a temporary backup as you swap them one at a time. 

on ‎02-12-2018 04:18 PM

Thanks for the update @ClaudeSS. That's great news!

on ‎02-14-2018 03:38 AM

@ClaudeSS On this particular link, would it do 1024 QAM on a 60 MHz channelwidth, assuming you have noisefree channels ? If yes, what would aggregated throughput be then ?

on ‎02-14-2018 03:37 PM

@jjonsson I will try that one evening.   Generally, the wider the channel, the more signal you need to achieve 10X and the more thermal noise and regular noise you'll experience.  It usually quickly becomes an issue of everything building up against you.   

on ‎02-19-2018 06:00 AM

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