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What their 4x4 MIMO is?   Briefly, MIMO is a way to create multiple streams of data in an RF signal, where the payload data is spread across more than one stream.   In 2x2 MIMO there are two streams or "chains" and each one is encoded in a separate RF carrier.   In most radio systems (like UBNT) the two radio channels are transmitted in the same direction by the antenna, but in orthagonal polarities (90 degrees apart) so they can be kept separate, since the two streams are using the same radio frequency.   If there are more than 2 streams, that just means there have to be additional ways to keep them separate.   In Ms radio, they actually use a 4x4 MIMO chipset, but separate it into 2 2x2 streams by putting them on 2 different frequencies.   You can theoretically create as many streams as you want - the practical limit is around 8 or so - but 3x3 is used in higher-end WiFi systems.