on ‎04-19-2015 07:59 AM

Everyone - I understand some of the frustration of only seeing limited testing of a limited number of radios here, but I do have a business to run, and a lot of other things take up the majority of my time (which is why I'm writing this on Sunday morning - only so many hours in the week...)   So there's no way I can do more tests on more radios right now - this just happened to be somethig that was started for some other reasons, and was fairly easy to do at the time.


Please feel free to do whatever additional testing/comparisons you feel approrpiate, and post your results too - more data is always better than less.  I'm sure I'll do more in the future - this really started by wanting to compare AF5X with B5c, and sort expanded from there - we're going to be doing some testing on long links in the field soon, and I'll post those results when I get them.