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Twas very interesting to see QUT (A Queensland, Australia Uni) featuring prominently there. I studied in that group at QUT 10 years back (computer and comms eng - mostly FPGA'a and early embedded C programmable microcontrollers such as the ubiquitious MC68HC08 / 12 and lesser known microcontrollers such as the 'rabbit' that seemed like it was going to be the next arduino before arduino existed...).. most of us were involved with early stage drone technology (collision avoidance etc - walking around in the postgrad study block was always a bit interesting - duck and cover) under a professor by the last name Campbell. I was sponsored by agriculture so my stuff was a bit more boring - getting data from field to factory. I wish ubnt gear was available then.. The guys I was working with had autonomous decison making well advanced but comms was one of our major stumbling blocks..


Interesting post mate Man Happy