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mFI Weather Cookbook Part 3 - Measuring Wind

Finally the third part.



Davis anemometer: http://www.davisnet.com/product/anemometer-for-vantage-pro2-vantage-pro/

1 x resitsance 30k ohm

1 x resistance 120k ohm

1 x transistor 2N3906

Optional proto board, 3 RJ45 connector female for board.

Even more spare time for testing.


In the past we had built a prototype for the anemometer:



From there we have succesfully built the prototype.

Elements and connectionsElements and connectionsAnemometerAnemometerProduct specsProduct specsProto boardProto board

DAVIS = connetor for Anemometer , VETER SMER = Wind direction, VETER Speed = Wind Speed


Proto board BackProto board BackConnected in LABConnected in LAB

Had to recheck the sensor definition:

"Davis Anemometer" : { "analog" : true , 
"analog_tag" : "dir" , 
"conversion" : "xyz*180" , 
"default_tag" : "dir" , 
"desc" : "Wind direction" , 
"do_volt0" : 5 , 
"precision" : 0 , 
"rep_analog" : 1 , 
"rj45_v1" : true , 
"tblock_v1" : true , 
"unit" : "degrees"} , 

"Davis Anemometer windspeed": {
"conversion": "xyz",
"counter_rate_tag0": "Wind speed",
"counter_tag0": "Wind speed",
"default_tag": "Wind speed",
"desc": "Wind speed",
"do_volt0": 12,
"digital": true,
"inversion0": false,
"precision": 2,
"rep_counter0": 1,
"rep_counter_rate0": 1,
"rep_input0": 0,
"rj45_v1": true,
"tblock_v1": true,
"unit0": "m per s"

Finally all together in action.


mFi Weather in actionmFi Weather in action

When the weather will be less cold we will try to put the anemometer on site to compare it with the original readings. For now I cannot say if the reading can be used for rules or actions in mFI.


Closing something if the wind is over some value. Icon Wink


Will post results when able to try something.


So here the Weather story ends... for now.


Hope somebody has enyojed it.

on ‎01-15-2017 09:39 AM

Very nice work Dinux Man Very Happy 

on ‎01-30-2017 06:25 AM

So, what was the total cost of this project? Was it less expensive than buying a Davis Vantage Pro 2 kit for ~$700?


(Don't forget the cost fo data storage and display equipment.)