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Re: AmpliFi

About 2 weeks ago I saw adds for IPv6 and VLAN support. THANK YOU Ubiquiti! I felt I needed to update my gripe list as resolved.


Having used the product for about a year now I can say it is now complete and I am quite satisfied features. Keeps those RFC adds coming, I am getting ready to deploy TLSv1.3 and HTTP2. This has been a great product and my client speeds are excellent with many devices (TiVo, AppleTV, etc) are able to connect at 866Mbps and maintain those speeds consistantly during use.

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Re: AmpliFi

Having troubles with speeds though. Mine is limited to 600 Mbps downloads. Not sure why it doesn't cross that. Reading a number of forums, seems like they are working on this fix. Is anyone else here experiencing this too?
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Re: AmpliFi

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Amplifi HD Base Station seems to cap the speed. 

I have tested myself with iperf3 on a wireless connection and won't get past 150 mbits/sec. Testing on a 2014 Macbook Air and a Dell XPS 15 (9650). Both computers are connected to the 5GHz network and less than 3 feet away from the router during the test.  It's quite far off from the marketed 1300 Mbps on 802.11ac.


Edit: When testing with my Dell connected with Ethernet and my MBA wireless, the speed in iperf3 is about 300 Mbits/sec. 


In a few days, I will test with a cable-connection (missing an USB-Ethernet adapter for MBA but have ordered this).