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First installation, need 9 sensors



I have some questions about mFi …


I need use Nine sensors in my office …


How many sensors is possible on a mPort ?

How many mPort is possible to add on the mFi Controller ?

Possible to view all sensors in one webpage ?



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Re: First installation, need 9 sensors

Well you do know that mFi is EOL right? Mports can handle 2 or 3 sensors, not sure how many or what if any limit to mPort's you can have on a controller. Not even sure there is a web option for mFi.
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Re: First installation, need 9 sensors

you can look at the sensors on the mFi controllers web page.


I dont think there is a limit for mPorts or mPowers, I know @alan87i has a big install so he can tell us if he's seen a limit.

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Re: First installation, need 9 sensors

As stated  mports can use 3 sensors max .  And the product is EOL! 


there is no limit to how many you can have per controller.  Only hard disk space and system IO can affect performance. 


Depending on the size of your monitor , you can add a staggering number of sensors to the " maps" page. 

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Re: First installation, need 9 sensors

What kind of sensors?  Pure analog, RTD, digital ?

I used mPorts for analog signals, three per mPort.  I've run out of mPorts so found other solutions.