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MFI Controller Wont find Mport

HI Guys,


Having major issues trying to get the MFI Controller to find the MPort. 


The story is. 


I reset the MPort and install the MFI Controller on my PC (Windows 10 pro 64). Connect the MPort directly to my PC run the discovery tool and it's found immediately. I then run the MFI Controller and the MPort device is found and addopted as normal.


I then reset everything (ensure no MFI controller is installed on my server and MPort back to factory specs). 


Plug the MPort into the network switch, run the discovery tool from my server and it's found unsing DHCP almost immediately. I install and run the MFI controller and it cannot find it at all. 


I logged locally into the MPort device using assigned network IP and thought it may be the MFI Controller settings in the MPort preventing them from finding each other. So i set the address of the MFI Controller in the MPort device and saved it. 


Restarted the controller and still cannot find the MPort to adopt it. 


I am running multiple subnets on my network and thought this may be impacting it but i cannot find any subnet config anywhere in the MPort device or the controller. I have checked knowledgebase articles and support articles and nothing is conclusive.


P.S i'm not experiened in Putty/ command prompt etc so these aren't really big options for me. The orange light is permenantly illuminated on the MPort device which tells me it's waiting adoption but they just cannot see each other. I have confirmed i have no internal port blocks on my firewall.


Any help will be apprecaited.


Server: Windows Server 2008

Pluged directly into ubiquiti edge 48 switch which is direct into the MPort.