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MFI feature request for alerts/events

I'm testing this on my dairy farm.
1 system I need to monitor and control is the Bulk Milk tank.
Requirements for that tank are.
Every 2 days a truck comes and empties the tank.
The wash cycle must hit 40.C or higher for 4 minutes.
This is usually in the morning between 10 and 12 AM
The tank sits empty until 5 to 6 PM when milking starts.

From the first milking to when the tank is emptied the Agitator must turn/mix the milk for at least 6 to 10 minutes every hour. ( My timer is fried)

The milk must not ever get warmer than 11.C Except when the tank is empty or on the first milking (when tank was empty at the start)
So After the first milking on a 2 day cycle the temperature must not exceed 11.C
The 11 >c degree thing is not a large concern at the moment.

I want to use an Mpower (not yet available) or an Mport with a relay to cycle the agitator.
The problem with this is every 2 days the tank gets emptied and no matter what the agitator will not run because the system is off.
So if I have MFI monitor A current sensor for the parameters above it will have an alert when the tank is emptied. All afternoon.

I know I could change the control switch from a double throw 3 pole to a 4 pole and hook the 4th pole to a mport TB. But a script that could monitor time and check for the over 40.C wash cycle could do the same job.
So I'm thinking I need 4 scripts.
1 Agitate
'Run Mpower or Mport output for 10 minutes every hour'
2 stop agitate
When temp sensor 1 spikes to over 40.C stop script " Agitate"/"monitor"

3 Start "Agitate"
When temp sensor holds below 3.5C for 00.20 minutes start script "Agitate"/"monitor"

4 11.c monitor
Send alert when temp 1 is above 11.C

For this to all work we need a time scheduler, I read it's in the works.
Will I be able to do the above ?
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