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Node-Red Dashboard as a controller replacement?

Been a while, just thought I'd share...   Spent a little time with Node-Red + Dashboard this weekend and it looks interesting as a controller replacement for a basic setup.


Just got a few of the sensors in to see how it would work out.  Haven't gotten into data storage yet or tried the built in text-to-speech etc.  It appears to not have any memory leaks running in chrome.


I'm just using the http requests with POST/GET w/ the curl commands listed as the "API" for switches.  Temp data for the freeze rule is set in a similar blob of nodes polling the mFi-THS outside.  Definitely gets a bit messy but still an intersting way to go about setting it up.







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Re: Node-Red Dashboard as a controller replacement?

check out the other (recent) topic in the forum about MQTT, much easier to work with in NodeRed