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Product sells it self

One of my customers is a City and their Fiber ring. I have worked with their Engineer on a few projects and He contacted me today and wanted to know if I new a simple way to monitor temp / power / entry and humidity. He had spent the day searching the web and he found a way for the temp and entry which would be a little over 1K per site. He was still looking for a way to watch the generators and spoke with Generac and was waiting for a response. I told him to come down to my noc as I had something to show him. I told him that I will show you a product line but as we have a business relationship I would expect them to purchase the solutions through us like they do their bandwidth.
Well in less than five minutes it was smile ear to ear. I showed him the features and how I use it at my wisp including the server racks and towers. I took him to the UBNT website and let him watch the EdgeRouter/mFi videos and then showed him the pricing. Well I thought he was going to want to take the gear I had on my desk.
About an hour later I received an email from him that they wanted to order the mports / temp / doors in quantity and also wanted some tough switches. They also had a ip camera system that is not complete and wanted to look at replacing with ubnt. Of course they would need pro versions so at this point I would only sell the bullets but hope Airvison two is soon or I will have to use another nvr.
Thanks UBNT Even though I am not nor desire to be a reseller I will support my clients and align them with UBNT when ever I can
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