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Solar power laptop lab using mPower as load controler

We have an application where we want to connect solar panels directly to the mPower device with laptops connect to each plug for a total of 8 banks. Then we control the number of laptops drawing power by turning off some of the plugs as the sun dims. A fully DC system is preferred as solar panels supply DC and laptop switching power supplies can take DC. We have a 120 VDC to 150 VDC system.
1) Will mPower work with DC power (i.e. 120 to 150 VDC)?
2) Can it sense DC input voltage?
3) Can it sense DC current on each plug?
4) Does it use Relay's or MOSFET's to turn on and off the plugs?
5) Is the SDK available so we can modify the software to add our algorithms?
6) How much current can each plug handle?
Thanks for your help.
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