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Two points of light controlled by four switches

Hello everyone.

I want to know if it is possible to use mFi-LD Switch / Dimmer, to control two points of light from four switches (two switches per light point).

The conventional electrical scheme is as follows:


double  switch.PNG







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Re: Two points of light controlled by four switches


If the switches replace the existing switches, then you have third wire installed as well. You have three options depending upon types of bulbs used.

1). Connect the switches both in parallel to the bulb, meaning using the third wire to pass the power to the bulb through both the switches. Make two rules on the controller, one of either switch on, switch both switches on, second, either switch is off, switch both switches off.

2). Same as above, except you can use the push and sync options. To do this you need to enable m2m management through SSH. Once the option is enabled, you can log in to the controller using the web browser and use push on one switch and sync option on the other.

3). Power the bulb through one switch and another switch just the power and tap off the output of the second switch. Use the rules just as on option 1.

I have done as step 3 and 1 at my home based on the bulbs I use. If you have low wattage LED (really low 1 ~ 3 W) then option 3 else option 1.

See if it helps you.....