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Wireless ISP Set up using UBNT product

Dear Team,

I am going to work as an ISP in my area. The location is not more than 2KM Km of radious.

Throught out the city the flats are of 1 single floor, 70 % houses are of 1st and 20 % are of 2 floors houses and 5 % are of 3rd floor buildings.

I am creating base station of app 60 feet hight Tower. (app up to 6th floor bulding ).

Is this hight is ok or i need to increase the hight of antenna?
Up to how much distance sector will radiate the signal.
How much mb of data handling capacity of one loco?
Can i connect multiple user to single loco with the help of switch?
How much BW each sector antenna can handle in real life practic (5G-19dbi-120 degree)?

Pls share your openion asap.

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Re: Wireless ISP Set up using UBNT product

Are you going to use the Loco as an AP? If you are, that is a very, very, very poor idea. Use the Rocket with a sector antenna.
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Re: Wireless ISP Set up using UBNT product

I read this that he intends to use a 'loco' as
a client radio with multiple client devices.

There is not nearly enough information here to
provide any useful advice--except that I strongly
recommend that you find a local consultant. If
you have no significant WiFi or network experience,
don't commit the huge expense without expertise.

A 2Km radius in the middle of a city will require some
careful site surveys and some special engineering, and
you may discover interference and competition. Dave

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Mahesh I have already Setup WISP Using UBNT

I have setup 3 Towers for WISP operations in my home town in Karnataka , been working with UBNT products for more than year now , contact me if u need any local help.

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