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mFi - Release 1.1.1

1.1.1 is released.
It's a patch on 1.1.0, adding:
* Mongodb 2.0.1 (to fix an issue with 32-bit systems where the database wouldn't start)
If you are running fine with 1.1.0, there is little reason to upgrade to 1.1.1. We did provide a 1.1.0-1.1.1 upgrade path though, so users can all be on a common database version.
If you have already upgraded to 1.1.0, and are having trouble starting, you can manually install the updated mongod binary:
* download and unzip: (or the appropriate binary for your machine)
* copy the mongod.exe to your /bin/ directory
* start mfi

If you are running your own mongod (such as in Linux), you need to have at least mongod 2.0.1 to run mFi 1.1.0 and higher


Release Notes

  • Official mPower support.
  • Support for automation (Rule Tab).
  • Support for scheduling.
  • Support for action timer on outputs/outlets.
  • Support for condition sets. This provides nested and/or rules.
  • mPower outlets are shown on map now.
  • Cloud support:
  • Speed up device adoption process.
  • Real-time sensor state is pushed to UI.
  • Java 7 support.
  • More robust custom sensor support.

Limitations and known issues

  • Layer 3 auto-adoption with FW 1.0.8 and prior needs to specify http port 6080 for new 1.1.0+ controller installation
    We changed the default ports on release 1.1.0+ to avoid conflict with airControl SW. If you have a fresh controller install, the new ports will take affect. If it's an upgrade, the old http port (9080) will still be in use (ignore this bullet point). mPort devices in stock have been preloaded with FW 1.0.7 or 1.0.8.
    *Layer 2 adoption via clicking on controller GUI "adopt" button will not have any issues. Cloud service will not have this issue either.
  • Account passwords that contain '$' do not work with the mPort and mPower embedded configuration page with firmware prior to 1.1.0. For instance, if your controller password is "asdf$", the mPort or mPower will fail to join if it is running firmware 1.0.7. Firmware 1.1.0 and later has fixed this issue.
  • 32 bit systems are not recommended - they are limited to 2GB of data
  • To avoid issues with the gatekeeper function on Mac OSX Mountain Lion, either disable it, or ‘right click’ on the mFi application to launch.
  • The absolute value of an mPower outlet’s accumulation of energy does not get cleared when configuring a new outlet. If you have plugged an appliance into an unconfigured outlet, the energy usage will accumulate. If you subsequently assign this outlet to a new appliance, this accumulated data will not be cleared. Power cycling the mPower is the only way to clear accumulated energy with 1.1.1. This should not affect operation, since normally users only care about changes in accumulated energy (energy meters count upward forever, and never reset)
  • mPower will not detect power under 3W.
  • mPort serial antenna selection is currently stored under the serial device configuration. In the future the antenna selection will be moved to the mPort serial configuration. Currently, if you reassign the serial sensor to another mPort, the antenna selection may be changed for the new mPort.
  • No static IP & SNMP support.
  • When using Mac OSX Lion or Mountain Lion to connect to the mPower Wi-Fi captive portal, the captive portal dialog popup window that automatically appears might temporarily disappear, and then reappear.
  • The default port numbers were changed from 9080 and 9443, to 6080 and 6443. (The port numbers can be changed in the /data/ file.)
  • Cloud:

    • No custom sensor support in the cloud yet.
    • To use mPort Serial in the cloud, holes must be punched in any firewalls for TCP port 2323 since the controller users that port for serial data. And public IP addresses, or port forwarding, must be used for the mPort Serial. (it is expected that most mPort Serial users will use local standalone controllers)

mFi Controller APT How To
mFi provides a debian package that you can update via APT
1. add mongoDB to apt source.
mFi Controller .dep package depends on mongoDB 2.0.0 or newer.
So please follow the steps HERE to add mongoDB into apt source list before install mFi Controller.
2. edit /etc/apt/sources.list
## Ubuntu Precise (12.04):
deb precise ubiquiti
## Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10):
deb oneiric ubiquiti
## Ubuntu Natty (11.04):
deb natty ubiquiti
## Ubuntu Maverick (10.10):
deb maverick ubiquiti
## Ubuntu Lucid (10.4):
deb lucid ubiquiti
## Ubuntu Karmic (9.10):
deb karmic ubiquiti
## Ubuntu Jaunty (9.4):
deb jaunty ubiquiti
## Debian Lenny (5.0):
deb lenny ubiquiti
## Debian Squeeze (6.0):
deb squeeze ubiquiti

3. add GPG Key (same as UniFi)
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv C0A52C50
# or over HTTP:
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv C0A52C50

4. update, install & upgrade
# retrieve the latest package information
sudo apt-get update
# install/upgrade mfi package
sudo apt-get install mfi
# or you can do apt-get upgrade to upgrade all packages on your debian

5. the mFi webUI can be reached via https://:6443/