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mFi controller on centos - problems


So I am all new to mFi.


We have a setup of unifi access points which are using the unifi controller, and we had no issues setting this up.


Now we bought some tempatuare sensors, motion sensor etc. and wants to set up this mFi controller.


I have installed a CentOS which i want this to run on, and I follow the guide on

And changed so it will match the mFi requirements with ports etc, since somebody in comments confirmed that this guide works for mFi aswell.


But now I installed it, and i can run a netsat -tulpn and see that the java process is running and listening on port 6443, but I am not able to access it on the web. I just get "ERR_TIMED_OUT"


Anybody with experience who might be able to give a hand on how to set this on?