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mPower loses connection to Controller (web server down)



I have a mPower power bar (3 outlets) and it inevitably loses connection to the mFi controller. When this happens, I cannot access the web server on the power bar, nor can I SSH to it. Doing a manual reboot of the power bar will restore everything back to normal, but I obviously do not want to do this because I have important equipments and servers who are connected to this power bar.


Has anyone else seen that behavior? Any methods for mitigating this issue?


I've seen similar problems with my 2 mPorts (lost of connectivity to controller)  but they seem to eventually connect back, which is not the case with my mPower.


Any advice would be much appreciated.



- EdgeRouter PoE-5
- G3 camera
- mFi: Switch, temperature sensor, 2 x mPort, door sensor, current sensor