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mPowerMini kw/h not counting up with usage



I have a mPowerMini and a mPower. The mPowerMini does not count kw/h, the mPower does.


I have tried factory resetting multiple times, updated the firmware to the latest stable, and latest beta. None of these work.


Contacting Ubiquiti support I got a response of "We do not actively support mFi with tickets or chat.", wonderful, and to come to the forums. So here I am!


Hopefully someone here has some insight on this problem,


Thanks in advance!

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Re: mPowerMini kw/h not counting up with usage

Hello - Sorry you're having issues and sorry I can't help with your specific issue..  I have a significant investment in the mPower line as well.. unfortunately UBNT has decided to abandon this product line... here's a note from UBNT on this line:


It is sad because I think that the MFI line has a lot of potential.. but not without the company standing behind it. 


Chat support isn't available, but you can log a ticket with support.. just choose "other" as they've dropped it from the menus here too; 


I'm a HUGE supporter of all of UBNT's products, it's just unfortunate that they've chosen to simply abandon this product line.