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mfi Failing to show power being used

I have 5 mpower pro's running dozens of devices via an array of rules, but i'll try to keep this simple.


Rule one is set to power on an outlet for 7 seconds if that outlets is off for more than 6 minutes. A crude but highly effective and infinitely adjustable timer. The outlet runs a 12v 1a power supply that opens a solenoid just FYI.


A second rule is set to send an email alerting me if that outlet goes more than 20 minutes at less than 1 watt. If that ps ever fails i need to know. These rules have worked flawlessly for me. I've been alerted of failing power supplies, solenoids, or unplugged devices numberious times without fail.


While checking mfi this evening i noticed the 12v ps in question was reading it had used no power for over an hour, but i had not received an email. After watching the ps it was apparent it was in fact turning on and off as rule one scheduled it to do so. So i unplugged it, and in 20 minutes on the dot got that email alert.


So everything is working, but im not quite sure how if mfi isn't showing the required power used to keep that email from sending. It literally knows something its not telling me. 


I have seen this not showing power used glitch on a few outlets across multiple mpower pro units. It's not constant on anyone outlet, buts its occasional on a few. Even brand new mpower units have displayed this behavior.