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Connectivity Problems - UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-Pro, UAP-Outdoor5, UAP-Outdoor, UAP-Outdoor+
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Hi everyone,


If you are having the following connectivity problems with legacy UniFi devices (posted below) on 4.8.X UniFi, please discuss in this thread.  We're trying to collect cases of this happening to help resolve.



Clients will stay connected to WiFi, but cannot access both the LAN or the WAN (internet).`


We've been able to observe these problems now on a handful of customer sites, and have some experimental hotfixes as well as older firmware which appear to exhibit the problem less here.


EDIT | 17 June 2016:
The experimental driver linked above is now the recommended firmware for handling these issues, assuming the courses of actions here have not alleviated the connectivity problems.



  • UAP
  • UAP-LR
  • UAP-Pro
  • UAP-Outdoor5
  • UAP-Outdoor
  • UAP-Outdoor+


If you are experiencing these symptoms with these models, please post here.  


Otherwise, please do not post in this thread.


If having issues with other models - please stick to other threads.




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