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Unifi events show clients constantly disconnect and reconnect, but they aren't

It's not really a big issue and not bothering me as such, except what is generating these events? It's another weird Ubiquiti/Unifi quirk that makes me question why I spent so much on this kit, it all seems so unfinished and unprofessional - my cloud key appears to have randomly rebooted a few hours ago too with no reason, always something odd going on. Here is just one example, logs are being filled up showing clients disconnect and reconnect sometimes for minutes at a time apparently but as far as I can tell, they aren't. 


They all appear to be clients connected via the 24 port non PoE switch, I have 2 other 8 port switches and no disconnects listed. I've ran continous pings to the Dell ESXi host shown in this example and no packet loss at all, no alerts or alarms on the host, so where are they coming from and why? They are all showing 0 Bytes too, though sometimes it does show files in the KB range.


Switch running, Unifi is 5.7.20 and switch was restarted yesterday when the latest versions were installed and it was showing these events before the update and before the restart, infact they go back weeks. 



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