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UniFi US-48-750W will not get DHCP address

I've got a UniFi 48  port PoE switch that will not get or pass DHCP addresses from any source. 


For example, the switch itself WAS set to a static IP address.  I noticed that every device connected to it suddenly could not access the network.  I plugged in a laptop to the switch and discovered I could not get DHCP.  So I did what I shouldn't have done, and I "forgot" the switch in the controller.  From that point on it hasn't connected back to the network.  I have pulled the switch out and replaced it with a new one which works fine, but in my lab the old switch behaves the same way.



I have factory reset using the reset button but no change.  I am thinking maybe a firmware update went sideways and that caused it.  I would like to try to upgrade it but the only way I can login is using the console port.


I would like to be able to either set a permanent or "sticky" static IP address to the switch so that it doesn't constantly override with the address and/or upgrade the firmware via CLI (either SSH or console port if possible) once I get a static IP to hold.

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