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UNMS version 0.13.3 has been released!
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UNMS version 0.13.3 has been released, see the changelog below. For detailed installation and update, instructions view our guide: Installation & Update. Please, continue to share your thoughts and requests.  


0.13.3 (2019-02-18)



  • Fixed compatibility and data refresh with OLT/ONO FW 3.1.0.
  • Fixed parsing ONU name for upcoming ONU FW.
  • Fixed ONU ethernet state.
  • Fixed ONU Rx/Tx power.
  • Fixed devices import via discovery.
  • Fixed several SNMP issues in discovery.
  • Fixed discovery compatibility with old EdgeSwitch FW.
  • Fixed airFiber connection via discovery.
  • Fixed reset of EdgeRouter interface statistics.
  • Fixed airMAX country/security values on the wireless form.
  • Fixed airMAX antenna on airMAX dashboard.
  • Fixed issues with autocomplete fields especially on airMAX wireless configuration form.
  • Fixed several issues with parsing airMAX wireless configuration.
  • Fixed platforms and FW mapping for NanoStation M2 and Loco M2.
  • Fixed NGINX Let’s Encrypt refresh script.
  • Fixed NetFlow data parsing for IPv6 traffic.
  • Fixed support multiple connections on a wireless interface for third party devices.
  • Fixed reset statistics for EdgeRouters.
  • Fixed API documentation.
  • Fixed FW downloading and error handling during UNMS server startup.

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