New WISP, testing PBE-5AC-500 device on +17km

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    Today I tested the PBE-5AC-500 to our new AC sendlocation on a concrete watertower. We use the Rocket 5AC Lite with a 60 degree antenna on the watertower. Previously we have been with the NBE-5AC-19 tested to 8km but the 50cm version was today really a turn. We have looking for a location with LOS sought about 15km away. The testsite was 17,6km distance. I know I can use better the PBE-5AC-620 or AC RocketDish with those distance but I did not exist.

    In the test we tried the internal speedtest on the AC-device and a speedtest on the Internet. Our internet connection at the watertower now has a maximum speed of 160 mbps download and 12 mbps upload.

    We also phoned half an hour over this connection. The latency was constant at around 2ms. VoIP goes above expectations about this connection. However, it was inconvenient that every half a minute to the sound from the other side dropped a second. From the test location to the other side was it 100% right, at least, they said there was no failure. It makes no difference if I loaded the connection with a speedtest or connect the VoIP phone directly to the PBE-5AC-500. That requires more attention in the future, I have just opened a ticket for it.

    I'm curious what you think of this test?

    the watertower (not the final antenna mounting)

  • Wow, that path is practically worst-case scenario!  Glad you got good results, even with VOIP!

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    Nice Photo!


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    2015-04-18 13.08.04.jpg

    Nice Bridge!

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    Well there is no Fresnel at all, you are lucky that you even get this conection !!!  Maybe some bigger ships drop your call :smileyvery-happy:

    No seriously this cant work very well over a longer period. First no fresnel, second you are too low at the testside, there will be multipath reflections from the waves, and for sure during some times of the day you will be affected by tide.

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    The full bridge :smileyvery-happy:

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    On the Foto it doesnt look like its 8 mtrs, anyway i have a 10 km link with 10 mtr. high on one side and 26mtr. on the other, and still have trouble with the tide, waves etc.

    At another long distance link with 60 km, which is on 1 side at aprox 500 mtrs above sealevel and the other side is 26 mtrs above sealevel shows big problems with the signal level.  It was as testlink, so no problems here, but it turns that bad that i loose up to 20 db between the tides. ( which i found out later on, that the tides are responsable for that.)

    If you cant get any higher, I recommend you to modify the polarisation, like this guy did.

    Read the comments. Or use a Rocket dish with the 45 Slant option to avoid a standing wave.

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    Fresnel zone is very critical specially above 2Mile air distance link. The multipath fading will surely cause attenuation on the signal regularly :-)

    But still it gives us vivid idea in linking dish high-gain antennas.

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    Hi cannect,

    i see  you are from the Netherlands, please note that the used frequency is not allowed for outdoor use. Also the used power level is well above the allowed EIRP and wil be noticed by agentschap telecom.

    For your own (and your upcoming customer's sake) please use the correct power and channel settings.

    Get in touch with me if you want to talk : mennowz at , i am running a Wisp in the netherlands since 2012 with VOIP and Digital TV. We just installed our 5th tower..


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    Hey Cannect,

    I see that you where testing at the other site of the bridge then Zierikzee where i'm living ;)

    Where was the water tower located? in Tholen?

    I'm the owner of WiressZierikzee.   free public wifi network in Zierikzee ;) (website is currently down, working on that)

    greetings! ;)

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