AirOS v7.1.1 Has been released!

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    Hi Guys,

    airOS 7.1.1 has been released for airMAX AC devices.  You can download it HERE.

    Supported products
      * Rocket 5AC Lite, model R5AC-Lite	
      * PowerBeam 5AC, model: PBE-5AC-500, PBE-5AC-620
      * Rocket 5AC PTP AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTP
      * Rocket 5AC Multi-Point AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTMP
      * NanoBeam 5AC 19dBi, model: NBE-5AC-19
    Version 7.1.1 (XC) - Service Release (May 19, 2015)
    - Upgrade is allowed from v7.1-rc (and later) airOS version.
    - New: Remove Wireless Mode (PTP/PTMP) limitations per product
    - Fix: Multiple priorities traffic causes high packet error rate
    - Fix: Frequent longer distance link disassociations on heavy traffic load
    - Fix: Bridge duplicates unknown unicast packets
    - Fix: Station sometimes doesn't reconnect to AP (PTMP operation mode)
    - Fix: Station can't connect to AP after it's DFS wait period end
    - Fix: Improved DFS false positive detection
    - Fix: TX/RX signals are very low just after association
    - Fix: Speed Test tool timeout issue
    - Fix: CPU load increase to 100% after high throughput load
    - Fix: Multicast stream can pass through one client only
    - Fix: AP ignores EAP Session-Timeout attribute
    - Fix: DHCP Client gets new IP after each release time
    - Fix: Faster PPPoE/DHCPC IP settings update after association when WPA2 security is used
    - Fix: Update EIRP limits for Brasil
    - Fix: Show DFS events in Syslog
    - Fix: WLAN TX errors counting
    - Fix: Include ICMP ping request (ICMP type 8) to DMZ Management port exception list
    - Fix: NTP client is restarting when server is unreachable
    - Fix: Disabling VLAN leaves associated ebtables rules enabled (may cause certain VLAN tagged traffic to not pass link)
    - Fix: Reduced CPU usage
    - Fix: Dynamic traffic shaping burst limits
    - Fix: Disable iptables when changing network role from Router to Bridge
    - Fix: IPv6 connectivity delay
    - Fix: Station stops passing traffic after some time
    - Fix: Aggregation parameters doesn't change after apply
    - Fix: Increase TEST mode wait time according DFS wait time period
    - Fix: Active channel width is not reported for STA mode after association to AP
    - Fix: Do full restart when configuring Frequency List
    - Fix: DNS servers disappear after fast restart (PPPoE/DHCP Client mode)
    - Fix: Disable IPv6 neighbour discovery
    - Fix: Wrong channel width reported in MAIN page after Station disconnect
    - Fix: Wireless link disconnect/lockup issue
    - Fix: Auto ACK/Distance miscalculation issues
    - Fix: Reset button on PoE adapter doesn't trigger factory reset
    - WEB UI: airView vertical scrollbar issue
    - WEB UI: add dBm labels to signal per chain values
    - WEB UI: Constellation diagram optimisation for IE9
    - WEB UI: Sometimes "Save" button isn't active after first mouse click
    - WEB UI: Show disabled Antenna Gain field for products with integrated antenna
    - WEB UI: Distance reporting in MAIN page
    - WEB UI: WPA anonymous identity should be not a mandatory option
    - WEB UI: Password strength meter
    - WEB UI: Output power reporting in Device Info section
    - WEB UI: Add client Isolation configuration option
    - WEB UI: Low Speed Test result values
    - WEB UI: Show Firmware Version in Stations list
    - WEB UI: Traffic Shaper. Interface list should not include disabled interfaces
    - WEB UI: Doesn't load antenna gain value from configuration file
    - WEB UI: Hide "Client Isolation" function for AP-PTP mode
    - WEB UI: Switched pairs Cable pair 2 <> Cable pair 0\. Added explanations on statuses OPEN, SHORT, TEST FAILED
    - WEB UI: Can't edit Startup Date
    - WEB UI: No DHCP leases in WEB UI
    - WEB UI: Other small changes/improvements

  • Beta Testers

    how long until we can use this on units that are in AirCrm?

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    Should be within a week or so.

  • R
    Beta Testers

    The download page linked from above isn't working with Mozilla, IE11 or Chrome.  The links on that page go nowhere.

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    Can you try again? was being updated.

  • I
    Beta Testers

    Are there any changes between 7.1.1final and 7.1.1RC?

  • administrators

    There's one minor change which fixes incorrect ACK calculation in PtMp links.

  • Beta Testers

    Wow, it's the first not beta firmware that I see since I've been in the forum

  • I
    Beta Testers

    When will it work in aircrm, it's been a week!!!

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    Should be up by tomorrow (on airCRM)

  • Beta - EdgeRouter

    Is airOS7 also coming for the other AirMax units ?

  • I
    Beta Testers

    I stille don't get an option on my nanobeam ac with system 7.1.1 build 27574  to add it to aircrm ??

  • administrators


    AirOS 7 is only for airMax AC devices. Unfortunately airMax M5 devices don't have enough HW resources to handle this new OS. However, we will continue developing new firmwares for airMax M5 devices, like airOS 5.6 that will be available pretty soon.


  • G
    Beta Testers

    I get this error when I try to install:

    • Firmware image check failed. Error code: -7Any ideas?

  • I
    Beta Testers

    You have to update at least from 7.1RC.

  • T
    Beta Testers

    Where can you get the 7.1RC download from? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • P
    Beta Testers

    Estou COM UM PROBLEMA Comprei DUAS

    Ubiquiti Litebeam Ac LBE-5AC-16-120 5GHz 16dBi


  • P

    quano rilasceranno un firmware che consente di collegare anche i dispostivi solo ac senza airmax,in modo da collegare tutti i prodotti in banda 5 ghz

  • P

    Ubiquiti Litebeam Ac LBE-5AC-16-120 5GHz 16dBi non va con i telefonini di ultima generazione perchè ha airmax non escudibile,quindi vede solo airmax ac che monta su airos 7.qualche soluzione altrimenti i nuovi prodotti ac non avranno una grande vendita

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