AirMAX FCC / UNII Updates – Lower Band Activation Process

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    Hi all,

    We've recently begun getting approvals on the airMAX products for the new FCC UNII rules. This opens up additional 5GHz spectrum which can be used for PTP or PtMP applications. Because the products were previously approved under the older DTS rules, the new approvals require a new FCC ID. The FCC requires that any products must have the updated FCC ID on the label prior to enabling the UNII bands.

    New devices in production will begin shipping with the new FCC ID and the new UNII rules applied out of the box.

    For any customers that have previously shipped products with the older FCC IDs, we will allow to request replacement product labels, which we'll prepare and ship free-of-charge to our customers.

    Requesting Updated FCC Labels

    To request labels for your company, please use the following form:

    Once the information is submitted, we will mail the labels and an activation code to you. Notes:

    • Each company will receive one activation code; this activation code may be used on all devices.

    • The devices do not need an internet connection in order to be activated.

    • At the time of this posting <u>not all products listed on the request site have obtained all approvals</u>. We wanted to allow customers to request labels in advance so they can be prepared once the approvals are granted and firmware is ready.

    Updated UNII Bands

    • UNII-1:  5150-5250MHz

    • UNII-2a: 5250-5350MHz

    • UNII-2c: 5470-5725MHz

    • UNII-3:  5725-5825MHz


    Beginning June 2016, all products shipped must be approved under UNII rules; no products previously approved under DTS rules are allowed to be sold/marketed by any vendors. However, any products already installed and operating under DTS rules are grandfathered in, and still allowed to operate under previous rules.


    Due to the new OOBE requirements, 5.8GHz EIRP limits with the new UNII rules are lower than the previous DTS rules. Please keep this in mind and exercise caution before activating the UNII bands on existing longer distance links.

    This applies only to US/FCC. Canada/IC rulings have not been finalized yet, but will have final rules soon.

    Let us know if you have any questions!


  • Thank you Matt, I know this whole DFS process has been a nightmare, but you guys (and girls) just keep on doing what you're doing!  =)

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    Seriously - congrats to everyone involved.

    "Our long national nightmare is over…"


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    Thank you! :)!!

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    unless your saying this applies to nanobeams/powerbeams I dont see any relief from the nightmare

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    Beta - mFi

    What makes you think it doesn't?

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    Previous Employees

    It does…

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    Beta - EdgeRouter


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    Whoo!! Thanks for the ongoing efforts!

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    I assume there will also be new firmware out for these devices to give us the activation fields needed?

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    Beta Testers

    could you outline the eirp change/reduction in 5.8 unii vs dts? It may help understanding the caution on existing long links.

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    HI @UBNT-Matt,

    Can you say anything about units already in distribution channels, and when, if it's not already the case, new units will carry the updated FCC labeling?



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    -Matt Regarding the EIRP reduction due to OOBE issues, beyond just the 5.8GHz, what are the "new" EIRP limits on all approved bands?

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    Did I read this right? Nanobeams are certified? What about IC?

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    So if we have Nanostation M5s, and we already got labels earlier, we don't need to do anything? Or do we still need to request new labels?

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    Beta - mFi

    It's a whole new code and label. Similar process.

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    Super Users

    My Nanostation M5's already do all the different frequencies.  What new frequencies are you looking for with the older NanoStations?

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    If your radios already work at DFS and/or UNII-1 (5150-5250 MHz) you don't need to do anything right now.   This is for radios that only work at UNII-3 (5745-5840 MHz) today.   Check the Wireless tab/page to see what your radio is cabable of if you're not sure.   Look at the Frequency Scan list popup in the M radios.   All the AC radios will need this.


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    So DFS is ready for listed models or is this prep for coming DFS?

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    Yes!!!!!! I can finally roll-out AC units like crazy now!! :)

    Will the new F/W that allows unlock for these products be beta or official? Also any ETA on that F/W and when we can "start" using the products with the expanded 5Ghz freqs?

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