AirOS v5.6.1 Has Been Released!

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    Hi guys,

    airOS v5.6.1 has been released. You can download it in the Downloads Section:

    AirOS V Firmware Revision History
    Supported products
      * Bullet M2/M5/Titanium
      * Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6
      * NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6
      * NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5
      * NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5
      * NanoBeam M5
      * PowerBeam M2/M5
      * AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New
      * PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10
      * PicoStation M2
      * AirRouter/HP
      * PowerAP N
    Version 5.6.1-Service release (July 3, 2015)
    - New: Private SNMP MIB
    - New: IPv6 support
    - New: Manage custom scripts
- New: Extend Statistics reporting - TX/RX reporting improvement
- New: Extend Statistics reporting - Latency for each Station
    - New: Statistics - ACK/Distance display
    - New: Report remote TX power in AP/STA info
    - New: Show RX Signal per Chain
    - New: Add firmware prefix reporting for any model (TI/XM/XW)
    - New: Display actual operating frequency range in MAIN page
    - New: Show radio mode in Site Survey scan results
    - New: DHCP address reservation
    - New: Implement QOS for VLANS
    - New: Increase password length to more than 8 symbols
    - New: Increase MTU/MRU to 1500 bytes for PPPoE (server must support max-payload tag)
    - New: airMAX devices will support only WPA-AES/WPA2-AES security (WEP optional for AP-Repeater mode)
    - New: Channel shifting is removed. Frequency selection in 2MHz/5MHz steps available when in airMAX mode
    - New: TCP support for remote system logging
    - New: DynDNS More providers support 
    - New: Linux kernel update to
    - New: Upgrade lighttpd 1.4.35
    - New: Update hostapd/wpa_supplicant to the latest available stable version (v2.1 final)
    - New: Upgrade libevent to 2.0.22
    - New: Upgrade dropbear to v2014.63
    - New: Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2a
    - Fix: Device hangs on startup when DHCP relay is enabled on two LAN interfaces
    - Fix: Long Range PTP mode stops passing traffic on high load (XW)
    - Fix: Sometimes AP can’t change channel after RADAR detection
    - Fix: airGW provisioning creates wrong forward rules in case of PPPoE client configuration on WAN interface
    - Fix: Broadcast goes from one STA to another STA even if Client Isolation function is enabled on AP
    - Fix: Report DFS Wait or DFS Radar in MAIN page
    - Fix: AP drops all stations. Recovers after reboot. (XW)
    - Fix: Crash during upgrade from v5.5.x when parsing incorrect IPTABLES rules
    - Fix: Update EIRP limits for Australia according channel bandwidth
    - Fix: Allow Fallback IP for PPPoE client configuration
    - Fix: Various DFS and Frequency List usage improvements
- Fix: Speed test low values when using Management VLAN
    - Fix: DFS improvements for Czech Republic
    - Fix: airSelect can use only non-DFS frequencies
    - Fix: No full-restart when changing ACL list first time after upgrade to v5.6.x
    - Fix: Wrong 32 symbols SSID reporting to airControl
    - Fix: Remote statistics reporting to client keeps Android phone wake up all the time
    - Fix: Update EIRP limits for Brazil
    - Fix: PPPoE MTU/MRU limited according to parent interface settings
    - Fix: Traffic stops after Site Survey execution on remote Station when hidden SSID is set on AP
    - Fix: M900 radio fails initialisation in heavy noise environment
    - Fix: STA Device Name is truncated in SNMP reporting
    - Fix: SNMP string sizes
    - Fix: Station can't connect to AP with Hidden SSID (XW)
    - Fix: Discovery response leak across VLANs
    - Fix: Station shows wrong "TX Signal" in AP details window
    - Fix: The same channel numbering for 4920-5000MHz and 5920-6000MHz (Compliance Test).
    - Fix: Disable UPnP SSDP messages in Syslog
    - Fix: Main tab is empty if device name contains <tab> symbol
    - Fix: Scan results buffer size limit issue (at ~200 APs found)
    - Fix: Reduce TX power to the EIRP Limit when radio is operating in Station mode or Auto frequency selection is chosen for AP
    - Fix: Speedup DHCP and PPPoE clients to update IP settings after successful WPA authentication
    - Fix: SSL v3 POODLE vulnerability
    - Fix: Add 5GHz frequencies for Kazakhstan
    - Fix: Validate ping interval for Ping Watchdog. It can’t be set to 0 sec.
    - Fix: Improved Wireless page loading routine
- Fix: AirMax Capacity/Quality calculation/reporting with Fixed Rates
- Fix: TX flow control and multi queue support. (XW)
    - Fix: Error after run Speed Test (XW)
- Fix: ACK/Distance miscalculation when connecting to XM AP. (HT8, HT30, XW)
- Fix: AP/STA performance issues (XW, airMax)
- Fix: HT20 Rates are reported/used when device is configured to operate in HT40 and fixed rate is selected. Alternative rate module selected
- Fix: Site Survey does report the same NF value for each channel (XW)
- Fix: Strange AirView view on Rocket M5 Titanium (XW)
- Fix: airSync does not work with fixed rates (XW)
- Fix: Radio has to fallback to full channel list if configured Frequency List is enabled but doesn't contain valid frequencies (XW)
- Fix: Remote Syslog message type is "unknown"
- Fix: Last IP isn't taken from VLAN tagged packets (XW)
- Fix: RADIUS accounting issue (XW)
    - Fix: Selecting SSID on HT40 may change Channel width from 'Auto HT20/40' to 'HT20'
- Fix: Disable ACK slider if AirSync/Long range PtP selected
- Fix: Antenna alignment tool (beeper) crashes on iPhone, iMac, etc.
- Fix: Don't suggest WPA key as Username for login save (Firefox)
- Fix: Wireless page is broken (IE8/9)
    - Fix: XW: Improved Data Rate selection for Default rate algorithm when operating in noisy environment
    - Fix: Remove 924MHz (shifted frequency) as it’s out of allowed band range (10MHz channel width)
    - Fix: Add full product name in discovery reporting
    - Fix: AP crash with Multicast Enhancement enabled and specific multicast traffic on STA association
    - Fix: Scan results ageing issue
    - Fix: Ping tool doesn’t execute ping in 1sec interval
    - Fix: Ping tool ping count is sometimes higher than defined
    - Fix: Unable to set empty PPPoE password (Chrome specific)
    - Fix: Proper antenna polarisation selection for 802.11abg support
    - Fix: Some frequencies were missing for India when 30MHz channel width is selected
    - Fix: Improved association with older devices
    - Fix: Escape quotes for Device Name and SSID in Station List
    - Fix: Make ‘Feed only -3dBi’ as default antenna selection for appropriate models
    - Fix: XW: WPA2-PSK Association time out in case of long channel list
    - Fix: Min TX Power for NanoBridgeM5 should be -8dBm
    - Fix: Discovery returns wrong product name
    - Fix: Speedtest duration validation in range [1-99]
    - Fix: Reload newly uploaded configuration file
    - Fix: ac-agent doesn't send GPS coordinates read from GPS module
    - Fix: STA continuous crash when connecting to Apple AirPort AP
    - Fix: AP doesn't initiate re-authentication to RADIUS server when Station re-associates
    - Fix: EAP TTLS/PEAP do not check time in TLS session
    - Fix: WEB UI: Can’t logout on high CPU load
    - Fix: Discovery shows empty Device Name if length is 64 symbols
    - Fix: Italian translation updates
    - Fix: Spanish translation updates
    - Fix: Simplified Chinese translation updates
    - WEB UI: Disable controls while Speed Test is in progress
    - WEB UI: Show explanation after move mouse on RX/TX Signal labels
    - WEB UI: Ordering by frequency improvement
    - WEB UI: Site Survey results sorting improvements
    - WEB UI: Update “Long Range PtP Mode” help message
    - WEB UI: Change EIRP Limit warning message and Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit label
    - WEB UI: Increase TEST mode timeout for DFS frequencies
    - WEB UI: Don’t allow to select AP with unsupported security mode in Site Survey
    - WEB UI: Port forwarding from LAN side when accessing WAN IP (NAT loopback)
    Version 5.5.10-Service release (October 01, 2014)
    Regulatory updates:
    - New: Open 5150-5250MHz frequency range for United States and Puerto Rico (U.S. territory) countries. This change applies for product models listed bellow:
        * Rocket M5/Rocket M5 Titanium
        * NanoStation M5
        * NanoStation M5 Loco
        * NanoBridge M5
    - New: Add 40MHz channel bandwidth for New Zealand 
    Version 5.5.8-Service Release (January 23, 2014)
    Regulatory updates:
    - New: Regulatory changes for Greece
    - New: Regulatory changes for Thailand
    - New: Add Croatia under EU regulatory rules
    - New: Split Serbia and Montenegro
    - New: Remove Compliance Test mode
    - New: Lock selected country for all EU countries/Switzerland. Reset to factory defaults is required to order to change country
    - New: Available frequency list is updated for UK when operating in 30MHz channel width
    - New: Remote Provisioning Functionality for AirGateway
    - airMax: Rate drops when using narrow channel widths on AP with more than 30 clients 
    - Ethernet: Ethernet negotiation issues after ESD damage
    - NanoBridge M5: Cold temperature issues
    - Fix: DFS frequencies are not functional for Canada (Rocket M5 Titanium)
    - Fix: Possible fix for unexpected AP reboots
    - Fix: Auto IP Address generation for MAC addresses ending with FF:FF and 00:00
    - Fix: SSL server accepts weak ciphers
    - Fix: SSH server (dropbear) update to version v2013.58
    - Fix: Disabling DHCP server leaves dnsmasq running
    - WEB UI: Automatic FW download from web site
    - WEB UI: Validate location coordinates
    - WEB UI: Copyright updates
    Version 5.5.6-Service Release (June 03, 2013)
    Regulatory updates:
    - New: Lock country code for Ukraine 
    - Fix: Rocket M5 Titanium: DFS band unlock with authorisation key
    - Fix: Remove DFS enable/disable option for EU/Switzerland,  turn DFS ON after FW upgrade
    - Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for EU countries (indoor range)
    - Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for Vietnam (in frequency range 5150-5350 MHz)
    - Fix: Regulatory update for Norway (5GHz band frequencies and EIRP limits update)
    - WEB UI: Channel list with indication for Indoor channels (EU/Switzerland)
    - WEB UI: Possibility to hide indoor channels  (EU/Switzerland)
    - Fix: Sometimes AP stops passing traffic in PtMP setup 
    - Fix: UAPSD power saving problems 
    - Fix: In some cases web server may lock up after some time due to memory leak (possible fix)
    - Fix: Polycom SpectraLink 8030 wireless phone connection issues
    - Fix: AirGrid M5 HP: Change Antenna gain from 28dBi to 27dBi according antenna specification
    Version 5.5.4-Service Release (March 13, 2013)
    - New: Data rate module: Alternative data rate algorithm option
    - New: WEB UI: Audio option for Antenna Alignment Tool
    - New: WEB UI: "Feed only - 3dBi" option for antenna type (AirGrid and NanoBridge models only)
    - airMax: Improved performance in PtMP scenarios
    - airMax: Lower latency in Long Range PTP mode
    - airMax: Voice performance/latency improvements in PtMP scenarios
    - QoS: Map commonly used VoIP TOS values (0x68, 0xb8) to Voice queue
    - Speed test: Improved timeout/errors handling and reporting
    - TFTP recovery: Reset configuration to factory defaults when executing TFTP recovery mode without need to hold Reset button for 15sec and upload firmware image
    - airView: Update certificate
    - WEB UI: Show if custom scripts are present on device
    - WEB UI: Show signal strength from remote radio in Station information window (airMax mode only)
    - WEB UI: Show Station TX/RX bit rate statistics
    - WEB UI: Disable WEB UI while airView is running
    - WEB UI: Automatically redirect to HTTPS port when running Speed test
    - WEB UI: Make MAC addresses in Main page easily selectable
    - WEB UI: Add help text for UBNT/Advanced settings pages
    - WEB UI: Improved FW update failure messages
    - WEB UI: Do not offer to apply configuration changes if there are no any changes made
    - WEB UI: Latitude/Longitude setting validation
    - WEB UI: Interface Language update: French translations
    - WEB UI: Interface Language update: Lithuanian translation
    - Stability: Check filesystem on boot
    - Stability: Memory leak protection for less than 1MB of RAM 
    - Stability: HW watchdog in u-boot
    - Fix: airMax: Radio is transmitting when operating in airView mode (AP mode only)
    - Fix: airMax: Long range PtP mode: AP gets stuck at 81Mbps rate and transmit throughput goes down
    - Fix: airMax: Sometimes AP locks up when applying configuration changes (possible fix)
    - Fix: airSync: Rocket Titanium airSync Slave doesn't connect to airSync Master 
    - Fix: airSelect: Default airSelect announce count set to 30
    - Fix: airView: airView does not start when Device Name contains comma symbol 
    - Fix: airView: M900/M3/M365/M6 products does not scan full frequency range 
    - Fix: Detect Ethernet loopback on defective device and bring Ethernet interface down
    - Fix: Sometimes M Series devices hang during reboot (except Titanium) 
    - Fix: Change Max MTU to 2024 bytes on both Ethernet interfaces 
    - Fix: Returning from Test mode does not revert some configuration changes
    - Fix: Redirection issue when enabling/disabling HTTPS
    - Fix: Satellite signal bar is centred under IE 
    - Fix: During upgrade disable default route if DHCP client is configured 
    - Fix: DHCP fallback IP isn't set
    - Fix: Memory leak in Main page with IE8/IE9 (session timeout implemented)
    - Fix: Low power mode fix for newer revisions of NanoStation M5 
    - Fix: Device discovery issue when DMZ port is enabled 
    - Fix: Cannot switch from Advanced to Simple Configuration mode when network role is Router
    - Fix: Auto Channel does not follow channel plan for Canada (Rocket Titanium) 
    - Fix: OSPF and other unregistered multicast traffic transmit problems in PtMP 
    - Fix: Skip EAP security certificate date validation if device date is before certificate start date
    - Fix: Do not send discovery/ARP requests through bridge ports
    - Fix: Enable busybox option to prefer IPv4
    - Fix: UPnP: Router should accept "PORT FORWARD" requests from LAN side only
    - Fix: Sometimes station can't associate when switching from open to WPA security
    - Fix: Enable DFS when choosing country Austria
    - Fix: Disable "Block Management" option for WAN in default configuration (AirRouter, AirRouter HP, PowerAP N)
    Regulatory updates:
    - Enable DFS for Germany upper band (5.8GHz) channels 
    - Update New Zealand allowed frequencies for 5GHz 
    - Update Chilean allowed frequencies for 5GHz
    Version 5.5.3-Production Release (October 25, 2012)
    New product support:
    - New: Rocket M6
    - New: AirGrid M2 HP (re-designed)
    - New: AirGrid M5 HP (re-designed)
    Version 5.5.2-Service Release (August 17, 2012)
    New product support:
    - New: Rocket M2 Titanium
    - New: Rocket M5 Titanium
    - New: NanoStation M6
    Regulatory Updates:
    - New: Enable DFS frequencies for US/Puerto Rico/ Canada for NanoStationM5/Loco M5/Rocket M5/Rocket M5 GPS/NanoBridge M5 models
    - New: Lock Indonesia country code: once selected at Login page do not allow to change country unless reset to defaults 
    - New: Remove DFS enable/disable option for Austria, turn DFS ON after upgrade for Austria. Keep DFS enable/disable option for rest of EU countries
    - Fix: Regulatory rules update for India 2.4GHz band
    - Fix: Move Puerto Rico under US regulatory domain
    - Fix: AirMax: When one of the clients reboot all others are disconnected from AP
    - Fix: AirMax: Unexpected device reboots on high load/PTMP (possible fix) 
    - Fix: Traffic shaping ingress rules on LAN port in some cases block Internet traffic
    - Fix: Traffic shaping bursting is increased to the maximum allowed value according to configured throughput limits
    - Fix: Association to non-broadcasting SSID CISCO AP takes couple minutes
    - Fix: Complex AP-repeater setup creates loop in this network
    - Fix: Increase Password attribute length to 18 when sending empty password to RADIUS server
    - Fix: Auto Channel selection logic improvement
    - Fix: DFS: Allow UNII-2 band for Canada w/o unlock key for approved product models
    - Fix: Traffic Shaper rules changes during upgrade from v5.3.5
    - Fix: PPPoE stops sending PPPoE Discovery packets on time change
    - Fix: NBM3/NBM365 should support 2 Ethernet ports but shows only 1.
    - Fix: Aggregated transmission problems with some Apple laptops and other devices
    - Fix: Clients can't reconnect to AP with WPA2-AES security reason (15)
    - Fix: After upgrade from v5.3.5 to v5.5 secondary Ethernet port isn't configured (running default configuration)
    - Fix: Stations disassociation because of returned broadcast packets on Ethernet interface
    - Fix: Second LAN port MTU max is 2024B not 1614B (affected all M series products)
    - Fix: No Internet connection for clients behind device in router mode
    - Fix: Access Point ignores Session-Timeout limit received from RADIUS server
    - Fix: Reduce false positives and misclassifications of invalid DFS radar events
    - Fix: Can't launch Airview when initial window disabled
    - Fix: Making changes in Network tab resets MTU to 1500 when Management VLAN is enabled
    - Fix: Incorrect ebtables VLAN drop rules
    - Fix: Do not allow to upload Configuration file from different Regulatory domain 
    - Fix: Port Forwarding public port range issue
    - WEB UI: Show DFS status in MAIN page
    - WEB UI: airSync: Show correct default slots depending on channel size
    - WEB UI: Static route disappears in Router mode
    - WEB UI: Option to disable Multicast Enhancement for AP
    - WEB UI: Improved IP address validation
    - WEB UI: Don't enable "DMZ Management Ports" when DMZ is enabled (Router/SOHO Router)
    - WEB UI: Bridge table display problem. Table too big
    - WEB UI: Do not show graph for interface when it is not in use
    - WEB UI: Don't report TOUGHSwitch/airCam WLAN mode in device discovery results
    - WEB UI: Add Turkish language support
    - WEB UI: In Simple configuration mode LAN should be BRIDGE0 containing both Ethernet interfaces
    - WEB UI: Show the same antenna information in MAIN page as in Wireless settings page drop down
    - WEB UI: Site Survey Scan button is disabled under IE browser
    - WEB UI: Allow MAC Cloning for BRIDGE interface in Router mode
    - WEB UI: Bridge table is not displayed in Main page when there are multiple bridge
    Security Improvements:
    - WEB UI: Default settings change: Enable HTTPS (port 443) by default
    - WEB UI: Removed admin.cgi functionality
    - WEB UI: Add option to disable HTTP service
    - WEB UI: Add reminder when using default admin user name/ password 
    Version 5.5 - Final Release (April 10, 2012)
    New product support:
    - New: Bullet M2 Titanium
    - New: Bullet M5 Titanium
    - New: NanoStation M900
    New functionality:
    - New: Management VLAN support
    - New: Advanced network settings configuration mode
    - New: RADIUS MAC authentication
    - New: Low TX power mode support for all M series models
    - New: AirMax client support for 802.11 a/b/g products
    - New: DHCP relay functionality in Router/SOHO Router mode
    - New: UPnP server support in Router/SOHO Router modes
    - New: Ability to Block WAN Access in SOHO Router mode
    - New: Fallback IP for PPPoE client
    - New: 3/8 MHz channel width support for M900
    - New: 8/30 MHz channel width support for M2/M5
    - New: 8/25 MHz channel width support for M3
    - New: 25 MHz channel width support for M365
    - New: Full range of channel width options in Compliance mode
    - New: Max allowed MTU size for newer HW revision models is 2024 bytes
    - New: Make Device name the Product Model by default
    - New: Separate throughput graphs for LAN0/LAN1 interfaces
    - New: Option to create support info file with ping watchdog before device reboot
    - New: Enable/Disable CDP option in Device Discovery section
    - New: Check for existing uploaded firmware image when opening System page
    - New: Prepare for IPv6 support
    - New: Traffic shaper for ingress traffic
    - New: Notification for software updates
    - New: Add PPPoE service name configuration
    - New: Kernel patches for SIP conntrack/NAT support
    - New: Show AirMax priority in Main page for Station mode
    - Fix: Configuration change causes device with a long uptime to lock up
    - Fix: Device stops passing traffic after some time and requires a reboot or "kick" to work again
    - Fix: Dynamic DNS update after PPPoE session initialization
    - Fix: Station list is empty when there are few stations associated
    - Fix: Port ID is mandatory in CDP packet
    - Fix: STA-WDS in bridge mode is passing back multicast/broadcast packets
    - Fix: "Antenna Gain" and "Cable Loss" fields are locked for LocoM900 with external antenna
    - Fix: Incorrect connection time reporting
    - Fix: Timestamps reset because of stuck beacon. Causes other manufacturers' (i.e. Tranzeo) devices to re-associate.
    - Fix: Can't launch airView with HTTPS enabled on IE8
    - Fix: Traceroute fails to DNS host with multiple addresses
    Improvements/Change requests:
    - Improvement: Linux kernel update to 2.6.32 version
    - Improvement: AirMax performance in large PtMP networks
    - Improvement: AirSync performance in PtMP networks
    - Improvement: ACL List: Dynamic list now allows instant changes (no restart or dropped connections required)
    - Improvement: ACL List: MAC list limit increased from 64 to unlimited
    - Improvement: ACL List: Ability to add comments to MACs
    - Improvement: ACL List: Ability to enable/disable a MAC without removing it from the list
    - Improvement: DFS functionality improvement according FCC/ETSI requirements
    - Improvement: Report Horizontal / Vertical antenna instead of "Chain 0 / Chain 1"
    - Improvement: New look for wireless mode configuration
    - Improvement: Various WEB GUI tweaks, changes, improvements
    - Improvement: Send NASID in Access-Request packet.
    - Improvement: Add internal speed test tool to DMZ exemption ports
    - Improvement: Hide Discovery Tool for read-only account   
    - Improvement: Extension for Port Forward configuration. Allow to specify Public IP
    Regional Updates:
    - New: Initial Login page with Country/Language selection
    - New: Replace Obey Regulatory rules with Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit functionality
    - New: Remove possibility to change country for some countries (USA, Spain)
    - New: Remove indoor range for Brazil (5.1-5.3GHz frequencies)
    - New: Show Band C for UK Frequencies
    - New: Add Iraq country code
    - New: Add Nigeria country code
    - New: EIRP limits for US Regdomain on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band
    - New: Add German translation
    - Fix: Regulatory rules update for Australia
    - Fix: Devices with selected country Ukraine doesn't work in 5GHz band
    Additional Notes:
    - Note: SNMP interface indexes have changed with v5.5 due to advanced network configuration options
    - Note: AirControl v1 Configuration changes are not supported with v5.5 firmware
    - Note: Possible Web UI issues with out of date browsers (i.e. Firefox 3.6). It's recommended to use current browser software
    Version 5.3.5-Service Release (December 19, 2011)
    - Fix: HTTP server security exploit
    Version 5.3.3-Service Release (July 26, 2011)
    Improvements/Change requests:
    - Improvement: AirMax: Client's upload speed is low (compared to Download)
    - Improvement: AirMax: Performance decrease when adding additional clients and using 10MHz/5MHz channel widths
    - Improvement: AirMax: VoIP traffic quality in PTP mode  for 10MHz/5MHz channel widths
    - Fix: AirMax: Low performance when PTPnoACK is ON  and operating in 40MHz/20MHz channel widths
    - Fix: NanoStation M5/M2 hangup issue using PoE pass through functionality (possible fix)
    - Fix: Power saving issues with some mobile phones
    - Fix: Tranzeo and other clients continuously disassociate from UBNT AP due to timestamp changes after stuck beacon appears
    - GUI fix: WPA-PSK key is truncated on operating mode change
    - GUI fix: Changed redirection code from 301 to 302 to not cache data. Solves redirection problem when using Firefox 5.0 web browser
    Version 5.3.2-Service Release (May 3, 2011)
    - New: AirRouter HP support
    - New: Completely remove non 5.7-5.8 GHz frequency for US and Canada country code
    - New: Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit replaces Remove Obey Regulatory Rules
    Improvements/Change requests:
    - Improvement: WPA/WPA2-TKIP security stability improvements in noisy environments
    - Improvement: CCQ calculation
    - Improvement: AirMax performance
    - Fix: Possible memory corruption fix
    - Fix: Return Channel Shifting for M900 and M365 products 
    - Fix: Connectivity issues for some mobile devices
    - Fix: Speed test and traffic shaper issue
    - Fix: Invalid connection time (49,689 days) reporting issue  
    - Fix: Send gratuitous ARP reply on bridge MAC change (when starting AirView)  
    - Fix: MIC errors encountered in high interference case if aggregation is used
    - Fix: PPPoE authentication doesn't work through STA bridge with some routers 
    - Fix: Multicast routing does not work in SOHO-Router mode  
    - GUI fix: Hide "Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit" checkbox for Compliance test country code 
    - GUI fix: Disabling "Enable Installer EIRP Control" option, when "Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit" isn't enabled, allows to apply settings without any real changes 
    - GUI fix: Change warning message, when turning off "Installer EIRP Control" 
    - GUI fix: Under IE Stations list table header text should not be wrapped 
    - GUI fix: Site Survey doesn't return scan results in 10 MHz channel width
    - GUI fix: Enable Discovery checkbox is not intuitive under "AirControl", move under Service menu 
    - GUI fix: Report allowed port range when configuring System services  
    - GUI fix: Site survey does not always return scan results 
    - GUI fix: Ad hoc device mode in Site survey returns symbols  
    - GUI fix: Strange TX/RX values in throughput graphic under IE9 
    - Fix: AirControl agent: Incorrect WLAN connection count reporting 
    - Fix: AirControl agent: Invalid wlanUptime reporting 
    Version 5.3 - Final Release (January 14, 2011)
    New product support:
    - New: NanoBridge M365 support
    - New: NanoBridge M900 support
    - New: NanoBridge M3 support
    New functionality:
    - New: AirSelect
    - New: VLAN tagging: one VLAN per device
    - New: Low TX power mode for Rocket M5/Rocket M2
    - New: DFS enabled by default for all 5GHz products
    - New: Discovery Tool 
    - New: Ubiquiti Logo Tab
    - New: Remove outside 5745-5825 MHz frequency range for US country (all M series devices)
    - New: NanoStation Loco M900: external and internal antenna support scenario
    - New: Ability to enter device location (for AirControl server)
    - AirControl agent: Support for GPS location reporting
    - AirControl agent: Support for latency reporting
    - AirControl agent: Configuration changed indicator
    - AirControl agent: Report network adapter status/speed
    Improvement/Change requests:
    - CCR: Add Auto Frequency functionality (AP/AP WDS mode)  
    - CCR: Jumbo frames support (maximum allowed MTU is 1518 bytes of data)
    - CCR: Remove Device name 14 characters limit 
    - CCR: Sensitivity threshold settings for wireless clients
    - CCR: Add possibility to configure DNS address in DHCP server configuration
    - CCR: Port Forwarding should support Source IP/mask criteria
    - CCR: Dynamic DNS support
    - CCR: Improve Firewall rules with ACCEPT
    - CCR: Ability to turn auto discovery off under Ubiquiti logo tab/AirControl
    - CCR: Remove Refresh button from Main page as it already have auto refresh function 
    - CCR: New regulatory rules for Germany (5755-5875MHz frequencies removed)
    - CCR: Lock to AP MAC functionality for Station/Station WDS
    - CCR: Make all columns in Stations list sortable
    - CCR: Report negotiated Ethernet port speed on Main page 
    - CCR: Singapore frequency range changes (remove outside 5725-5850 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules)
    - CCR: Turkey frequency range changes (add 5470-5725 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules)
    - Improvement: WPA/WPA2 EAP-TTLS improvements
    - Improvement: Connection stability improvement when using WPA/WPA2 security
    - Improvement: Wireless driver improvements, when communicating to mobile devices using Power Saving
    - Improvement: Functionality set for Indoor products (ability to turn on/off AirMax technology features)
    - Improvement: DMZ configuration to allow more control over management ports
    - AirMax: PPPoE latency in PtMP network with more than 22 clients connected to AP
    - AirMax: ICMP ping doesn't pass wireless link
    - AirMax: Big delay when transmitting IGMP packets
    - AirMax: TX Data rate gets stuck on 81 Mbps, when using No ACK mode for PtP and 40MHz channel width #1618 
    - AirMax: Voice quality issues in PtMP network
    - Fix: Double Auth/Assoc using WPA/WPA2 security when connecting to the AP 
    - Fix: STA disassociation during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange (affects AES and TKIP security) 
    - Fix: No connection or persistent station disassociation when at least one station is connected with low RSSI
    - Fix: Enabling Client isolation inflicts AP WDS (repeaters) to stop talk with neighborhood AP WDS
    - Fix: Intel clients are de-authenticated during rekeying
    - Fix: Stability improvements when more than 8 clients connected and some of them are using power save mode
    - Fix: Improved power saving handling (Nokia, HTC phones)
    - Fix: PS Poll problems
    - Fix: MAC changing doesn't work in AP (Router/SOHO Router) mode 
    - Fix: Throughput slowdown for 2.4 GHz Station when to the same AP is connected at least one AP-WDS peer
    - Fix: Previously configured default gateway isn't disabled when WAN interface is configured to obtain IP settings from DHCP server (SOHO Router mode) 
    - Fix: Ukraine is missing in Country Code list
    - Fix: Enable obey regulatory rules in default configuration for PowerAP N/AirRouter
    - Fix: Sometimes devices behind STA-WDS are not reachable from AP-WDS LAN side
    - Fix: Auto IP aliasing doesn't set IP address if DHCP client is enabled
    - Fix: In AP Router or SOHO-Router mode LAN interface can't be disabled if DHCP client is running on it
    - Fix: Auto IP aliasing duplicates and is incorrect
    - Fix: DHCP Fallback IP is not removed after getting IP from DHCP server
    - Fix: Improved wireless client roaming between AP-WDS peers
    - Fix: Channel list is required on AP/AP-WDS when enabling DFS
    - Fix: Multicast traffic doesn't pass PtP link, when client is using IGMPv3 reports
    - Fix: Ebtables module should support VLAN criteria
    - Fix: Low Data Rates and CCQ value when link is idle
    - Fix: After upgrade DHCP server serves LAN IP as DNS server when DNS proxy is disabled
    - Fix: NTP client request interval should be tuned for DHCP Client use case
    - Fix: Auto ACK miscalculation, when connected to 802.11a/b/g devices operating in HT5/HT10 channel width
    - Fix: Auto ACK calculates incorrect value for very short distance 
    - Fix: PPPoE client hold off time is not correct 
    - Fix: PPPoE client is not restoring session after wireless link connection loss
    - Fix: Send proper disconnect command to PPPoE server when restarting PPPoE session
    - Fix: ARPNAT and PPPoE relay issue
    - Fix: AirControl agent: Location values are not reported to AirControl Server
    - Fix: DFS: AP doesn't restore operation after 30 min silence
    - Fix: DFS: Remove Radar detection capability on STA mode when operating up to 200mW EIRP
    - GUI fix: Max power of AirGridM2/AirGridM5 products is 20dBm not 19dBm
    - GUI fix: Make VLAN network settings in Bridge mode as separate option 
    - GUI fix: Reset to defaults redirects to incorrect IP address in SOHO Router mode
    - GUI fix: Pop-up windows are not closed on "save" action if parent tab is changed #1668
    - GUI fix: Reports two LAN ports on Main page for when device has only one
    - GUI fix: When DNS proxy is disabled, take DNS from WAN and fill DNS fields for DHCP server automatically
    - GUI fix: DHCP client info is not updated after Renew 
    - GUI fix: Read-only user permission/redirect issue
    - GUI fix: In SOHO Router mode throughput graphic for LAN does not include traffic that goes only on WLAN interface
    - GUI fix: Change AirMax priority returns incorrect Warning message
    - GUI fix: ACK distance reporting issue in Station Details and AP information
    - GUI fix: "Source IP/mask" field in port forwarding should allow 18 characters
    - GUI fix: FW upgrade "Close Window" button is not functional if Parent Window is closed
    - GUI fix: Misbehavior with Obey Regulatory Rules
    - GUI fix: Password field and "Show" checkbox wraps 
    - GUI fix: Add Antenna model selection for NanoBridge M5 (22 dBi antenna (NBM5-22) and 25 dBi antenna (NBM5-25))
    - GUI fix: IP aliasing is not correct in SOHO Router mode
    - GUI fix: Output Power slider position when min value is selected
    Version 5.2.2 - Service Release (October 14, 2010)
    - New: AirGrid HP M product support
    - Fix: Wrong max power limit after reset to defaults for some products
    Version 5.2.1 - Service Release (September 13, 2010)
    - New: Rocket M365 support
    - New: Rocket M900 support
    - New: NanoStation M365 support
    - New: NanoStation Loco M900 support
    Improvements/Change requests:
    - Improvement: DFS functionality enhancements
    - Improvement: Improve 10/5MHz channel width stability
    - Improvement: IGMP proxy
    - Improvement: Multicast traffic
    - CCR: Increase maximum allowed DHCP server lease time to 48h 
    - CCR: Allow more than 128 associations with security off 
    - CCR: Add GUI option to disable reset button. Prevents from accidental configuration reset to factory defaults
    - Fix: AirMax: Packet loss just after client association to the AirMax AP
    - Fix: AirMax: STA Transmission Queue stuck, need a reset
    - Fix: AP wireless stops operating
    - Fix: Station stays connected to AP, but no wireless traffic is available
    - Fix: Multicast enhancement does not handle VLAN tagged traffic
    - Fix: AutoACK calculation issue specific for NanoBridge M5/AirGrid M5/NanoStation Loco M5 devices
    - Fix: AutoACK on AP calculates incorrect values to 802.11 b-only stations
    - Fix: Ipod iTouch freezes Internet connection for laptops, which have Intel wireless radios
    - Fix: AP is using the lowest TX rate (6Mbps), when communicating with 802.11 a/b/g Stations and using WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security
    - Fix: AP scans only upper or lower channels in 40 MHz channel width 
    - Fix: AP(WDS) in 40 MHz channel width can connect AP(WDS) in 20 MHz channel width 
    - Fix: MAC Address change in Station-Router mode results WPA failure
    - Fix: Devices behind STA-WDS in PtMP network, sometimes becomes unreachable
    - Fix: PowerAP N WLAN LED is not shining when RSSI level is less than 30
    - Fix: MAX EIRP 36dBm for 2.4GHz band in Australia
    - Fix: SNMP: Report correct IF-MIB interface speed OID values
    - Fix: CCQ calculation with auto rates are used
    - Fix: AirView: Application does not return scan results on NanoBridge M2/NanoStation Loco M2
    - AirControl Agent: Restore console reporting after wireless association is restored
    - AirControl Agent: Report association time 
    - AirControl Agent: Odd behavior with discovery response
    - AirControl Agent: Ping is not restoring connection when AirControl server is unreachable on startup
    - GUI fix: Status and Site survey pages fails to render if SSID has escape character(s)
    - GUI fix: Speed Test fails if using special symbols in password
    - GUI fix: Speed tests doesn't work if HTTPS port has been changed
    - GUI fix: When disabling scan list, previously selected channels are unchecked
    - GUI fix: new Chrome-BETA conflicts with Web UI validation framework
    - GUI fix: Fixed rates uses SGI(400 ns) rate table
    - GUI fix: Read only user can access device configuration file
    - GUI fix: Sometimes Station list is empty
    - GUI fix: Show static routes in Main page, when operating in Bridge mode
    - GUI fix: Special Char escaping required for SNMP settings
    - GUI fix: Destination IP field validation is missing
    Known issues:
    - Sometimes Station disassociates during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange
    Version 5.2 - Final Release (May 14, 2010)
    - New: Speed test tool
    - New: AirView tool (Spectrum Analyzer mode)
    - New: Routing scenario: Network mode "Soho Router"
    - New: NanoStation M5/M2 Second Ethernet port functionality -- now it is possible to bridge with wireless port
    - New: Antenna gain and cable loss fields for compliance
    - New: AirMax ON in default configuration
    - New: Intelligent GUI improvement
    - New: Console agent: Restore active heartbeat connections after firmware upgrade
    - New: Report 802.11 information messages into syslog
    - New: Improve ACL rules management: increase max MAC ACL entry count to 32
    - New: Remove DFS 5250-5350 frequency for US country code (all M series products) , but keep the link alive if DFS frequency was used
    Improvements/Change requests:
    - CCR: RADIUS client support in AP mode
    - CCR: PEAP/MSCHAPv2 support
    - CCR: Add static routes via WEB UI
    - CCR: Show Station and AP IP address
    - CCR: Hide WPA password with "*"
    - CCR: Ability to de-associate station from Station list via WEB UI
    - CCR: Add support for SSH authorized keys in configuration file
    - CCR: Change apply configuration logic
    - CCR: Missing ppp0 interface information on Main page, when PPPoE session is initialized
    - CCR: Add System Startup Time/Date field (critical for 802.1x supplicant)
    - CCR: Allow ping when device is in TFTP recovery mode
    - CCR: Include PPTP/GRE NAT modules
    - CCR: Add MAC clone/change option for WAN interface when operating in SOHO router mode
    - CCR: Report AirMax priority and AMQ/AMC in Station detail
    - CCR: Speed test: Show total throughput (RX + TX)
    - CCR: Make IP address in stations list as hyperlink 
    - CCR: GUI: Show/hide Traffic shaping configuration 
    - CCR: GUI: Add option to enable/disable NAT modules on router: SIP, PPTP, FTP, RTSP
    - Improvement: Speed test: resolves TX/RX difference
    - Improvement: In memory allocation
    - Fix: TX Power improvement for NanoBridge M5, AirGrid M5, NanoStation Loco M5, Bullet M2, Rocket M2, NanoStation M2, NanoBridge M2
    - Fix: Chain signal mismatch on reported signal strength/ Power control for M5 2x2 chain devices
    - Fix: Sometimes Auto ACK values gets too high
    - Fix: Max power level for Australia 
    - Fix: Speed test + AirMax PtP No Ack combination crashes AP
    - Fix: Traffic Shaping is not functional except Soho Router mode
    - Fix: Traffic Shaping Burst is for functional
    - Fix: WPA security : Sometimes station is disassociated from AP
    - Fix: Broadcast traffic is duplicated on AP-WDS
    - Fix: NAT protocols state changes when changing security
    - Fix: SNMP wrong OID type: Disallow port range as destination (to private subnet)
    - Fix: SNMP reports incorrect wireless stats 
    - Fix: Station can not connect to AP (MAC Locked) if it was connected to another AP with the same SSID
    - Fix: Signal reporting
    - Fix: Improve noise level calculation
    - Fix: Noise floor is too aggressive 
    - Fix: Auto ACK on AP
    - Fix: No more trimmed channels on Compliance country code
    - Fix: Airmax: PTMP ping loss issue after beta6
    - Fix: AirMax: PTPNack AMQ/AMC fluctuation
    - Fix: AirMax: PTP and PTMP enhancements (latency)\
    - Fix: Airview:  Sometimes switching back to normal operating mode is endless
    - GUI fix: Problems with WPA PSK paraphrase: old value is displayed, new value is not saved
    - GUI fix: Sometime Device name in not reported in Stations list 
    - GUI fix: Do not show clients as connected when authentication key is not valid
    - GUI fix: Test mode. Timing is no so precise as stated in the warning message
    - GUI fix: Need correctly display ACK/Distance when AirMax and PtPNoACK mode is enabled
    - GUI fix: Name -> Device Name 
    - GUI fix: Grammar error in warning message 
    - GUI fix: MCS1 is always reported in AP/Station statistics
    - GUI Fix: IE8 and WEB UI errors
    - Fix: Frequency list issue fix for counties:
    	South Africa
    	Sri Lanka
    Known issue:
    - Limitation from HW: MCS13 does not work with WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security -- MCS 13 removed from WEB UI
    Version 5.1.2 - Service Release (February 9, 2010)
    - MAJOR: Fixed ARP broadcast issues in WDS mode
    - MAJOR: Added Mikrotik Station WDS support
    - MAJOR: Fix to allow VLAN pass through on secondary Ethernet port (NanoStation M)
    - AirMax: Fixed AMC calculation when using fixed rate 
    Version 5.1 - Final Release (January 07, 2010)
    - Throughput improvement for AirMax in PtP environment
    - Throughput Improvement for AirMax in 2.4 GHz 40 MHz channel width
    - Fixed lower throughput issue when using AirMax No ACK mode for PTP in 40 MHz channel width
    - Fixed ping latency issue when AirMax is enabled 
    - Improvements in wireless stability
    - New: Show station ACK value in Station list under Monitor section
    - New: Added ip_conntrack_sip support
    - Fixed UI issue with signal reporting 
    - Fixed missing channels in Channel scan list (20/40 Mhz auto)
    - GUI: Show only 50% as a max AMC value for 1x1 chain devices
    - Fixed DNS proxy and DHCP server configuration issue 
    - Fixed issue in site survey: cannot select AP when scanning in 5/10 MHz channel width mode
    - Fixed issue in admin password: cannot login with admin password when symbols ($, \ or ') are used 
    Version 5.1-RC3 (December 21, 2009)
    - New: Auto rates with MAX value setting  
    - New: AirMax No ACK feature for Point-to-Point links 
    - MAJOR: Fixed WPA/WPA2 clients connection stability  
    - MAJOR: Wireless link stability fix when AirMax is OFF 
    - MAJOR: Memory allocation issue on AP with more than 60 clients 
    - MAJOR: Performance improvements in 2.4 GHz
    - Auto ACK improvements
    - Administrator password limit is 8 symbols  
    - Allow to increase Logout session timeout
    - Allow to disable password authentication for SSH
    - 5 MHz channel width is back in 2.4GHz mode  
    - GUI: AirMax made as separate section under Advanced setting menu 
    - Fixed GUI issue in AP Mode, Connections shows 0 when more then 45 clients are actually connected 
    - Fixed MAC expiration issue in Bridge-WDS
    - Fixed passing VLAN tagged packets with V5.1-Beta
    - Fixed CCQ value when no data 
    - Show B/G/N mixed instead of Ng, A/N mixed instead of Na  
    - Fixed Signal Level reporting in UI (RSSI chain mismatch) 
    - Fixed Data rates selection and reporting
    - Fixed download backup configuration file or Support info file issue if using IE browser 
    Version 5.1-beta (November 20, 2009)
    - New: 802.11 a/b/g products support
    - New: WEP and WPA/WPA2 TKIP security support
    - New: Advanced Ethernet settings
    - New: Web server change
    - New: AirMax 4 level MAC address based priority
    - New: AirMax automatic Voice packet recognition and TXQ assignment
    - New: AirMax No Ack (PtP Mode only). Can be enabled only in the config file for the AP by setting radio.1.pollingnoack=1
    - New: auto ACK implementation
    - Added Arpnat support for more than one IP address per single bridged MAC address
    - Updated PPPoE version
    - Ethernet driver update
    - Added hardware watchdog timer
    - Fixed stability issue on link when Airmax is disabled 
    - Fixed PPPoE Stability in 40 MHz channel width (PPPoE session disconnects due to the no response to 5 echo-requests)
    - Fixed WPA/WPA2 client connection issue to AP
    - Removed US country code DFS frequencies: 5500-5700 GHz
    - Separated L2 isolation and multicast traffic
    - Fixed issues in PPPoE daemon when compression enabled 
    - Fixed switch off for Extra reporting (MT discovery protocol)
    - Fixed incorrect CDP packet check sum
    - No more FTP speed limits per session when AirMax enabled
    - Fixed Compliance test country frequency range for 20/40 MHz channel width 
    - Fixed SNMP OID numbers persistence (SNMP daemon enumerates all interfaces on startup and assigns sequential numbers now) 
    - Fixed Web UI lock 
    - Fixed read-only user account
    - Improved signal strength value in 40 MHz channel width
    - Fixed signal strength per chain handling when station disconnects from AP 
    - Fixed data rates reporting for 10Mhz channel width for 802.11 a/b/g clients 
    - Improved Noise Floor reporting
    - Improvement in data rate reporting when traffic is inactive
    - Added Device Name in Station and AP statistics table
    - Fixed ARP table entry reporting if it contains unresolved MAC address
    Version 5.0.2 - SERVICE release (October 23, 2009)
    - Fixed Chain 1 association problem in 802.11a mode
    - Fixed Compliance test channels in 5 MHz step instead of 20 MHz
    - Added VLAN support in Ethernet driver
    Version 5.0.2-RC6 (October 17,2009)
    - Final Ethernet lockup fix
    Version 5.0.5-RC5 (September 26, 2009)
    - Uboot fix
    Version 5.0.2-RC4 (September 25, 2009)
    - Increased Reset to Defaults/Rescue mode timing (triggered from POE and Reset button)
    - Added ability to disable reset to default function (from PoE and Reset button) in config
    Version 5.0.2-RC3 (September 23, 2009)
    - Ethernet lockup fix
    - Fixed SNMP agent to report correct values
    Version 5.0.2-RC2 (September 18, 2009) 
    - Fixed web UI slow responses (aka web server loop) on Windows7/IE8 version: 8.0.7057.0
    - Fixed PPPoE reconnection issue
    - Fixed PPPoE client DNS server issue
    - Fixed LAN interface disabling
    - Use device name as Web UI Authentication Realm name (allows to use Google Chrome)
    - Show FW version on Main page
    - PPPoE client can't authenticate if in username symbol # is used
    - Fixed connection on low signals: noise immunity is switched off by default. Added ability to change noise immunity on/off in config (not available on UI)
    - Fixed AirMax lockup
    - DHCP server doesn't work if DNS proxy is disabled
    Version 5.0.2-RC1 (August 31, 2009)
    - Added Compliance test country code
    - Added information text in survey window
    - Fixed Memory leak when scanning
    - Fixed selected channels scanning
    - Fixed WPA/WPA2 association to AP with hidden ESSID on passive scan channels
    - Fixed Product Logo displaying if no logo image for device
    - Fixed firmware version reporting
    - Fixed Rate control algorithm is too aggressive in noisy conditions
    - Fixed AirMax AP lock after some time
    - Fixed combined signal report in align antenna tool for 2 chains devices
    - Fixed hangup issue in router mode with firewall enabled (aka ethernet/iptables fix)
    - Fixed scan results for more than 14 stations issue
    - Fixed AMC values for 1x1 device should not show more than 50%
    - Fixed connected stations reporting for more than 22 stations issue 
    Version 5.0 (June 16, 2009 RELEASE)
     - New: UI design
     - New: AirMax functionality
     - New: 5/10/20/40 MHz channel width support
     - Improvement: CCQ formula</tab>

  • Beta Testers

    Am I blind or I can't see the 'Beam (Nano and Power) in the product list support at the top of this post ? When going to the download page, the is a XW firmware to download though….

  • A
    Beta Testers

    Awesome!   I don't see a final / official released with this, and I don't see the MIB in the downloads section anywhere….I just see the one in this thread:

    Is this the right one to use, or have there been changes between then and now?

  • administrators


    Thank you for letting us know we missed NanoBeam and PowerBeams, list is updated now :)

  • U
    Previous Employees

    yes, that's correct, the MIB is the same as the one in Beta. We'll get it posted officially. Thanks!

  • Ubiquiti Employee
    This post is deleted!

  • H
    Beta Testers

    OK so why are all the firmwares under the diffrent typs of radios now say XW is the lates for everything in the equipment line up. I'm used to using XM for Rockets, nanobridge and Nano Station. XW is for all the Nano Beam's.

    Is this an error or are we moving everything to XW???


  • A
    Beta Testers

    When will the unifi firmware receive updates to hostapd?

  • N
    Beta Testers

    I have 16 Rocket M5's on my LAN in a distributed PTP network. I installed v5.6.1 on all of them yesterday, not realizing that it was just released a few days ago. Every one of the switches on my network that has a M5 connected to it started to rollercoaster on and off network. I spent all day today reverting back to v5.5.8 which was the previous installed version. I can't figure out what the bug might be. Any ideas?

  • Beta Testers

    Well I can confirm no DFS on NanoBeam I mean "PowerBeam" 400. I think we have been stuck in frequency pergatory. Theres no escape.

  • V
    Beta Testers

    Is there a XM.v5.6.1 400 MHz CPU variant that I can have?  I sent e-mail to support@ubnt but only got a " let me check and get back to you" response.

  • B

    There's a bug in firmware (for PowerBeam M5 400 in my case), it false detects radars, on every channel, but there isn't any radar, it's just noisy enviroment in the city. I had to revert back to the previous version of firmware.

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  • N


  • Ubiquiti Employee

    Email sent

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    Custom Avatar

    @UBNT-matt i am wondring there is o updates for Rocket M5 as i have checked the Txt file but there is only update for M2 not for rocket M5 if yes please do let me know


  • C
    Beta Testers

    Any news on the 3db power drop observed on XW5.6.2.  We are sticking on 5.5.10u for now as drop on some marginal connections causes them to drop entirely.

  • Ubiquiti Employee
    This post is deleted!

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