Loco M900's mostly not associating with each other, but sometimes they randomly do.

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    I have a pair of Loco M900's and they sometimes connect/associate with each other but for the most part they won't.  Damned if I can figure out why, either.  At the moment they seem connected, but they did yesterday, too…and today I logged in to check it and they'd disconnected again.

    Right now they're just in a beta testing role, but I need to move them into a production environment ASAP.  This is to extend a LAN to a remote site for audio-over-ethernet transport and remote control.

    I've tried fiddling with the channel width, and sometimes that sort-of seems to make a difference.  Similarly, locking it to a specific channel/frequency also sort-of seems to make a difference...but not really.

    It is true that at the moment, one radio has nice, clear LOS but the twin is below a roofline, so it's literally shooting through a wooden wall and a copper-plated rooftop.  But they're also only two blocks apart, maybe 1000ft total including the vertical difference.  When the units DO connect, there seems to be plenty of signal.

    Anyone got any ideas why these suckers are so squirrelly?


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    I had one 1/2 mile link clipping the edge of a flat buidling rooftop that acted similarly.  I assumed in the end it was interfering reflections from the particlular way it was skimming the rooftop.  I've also had trouble if going below 8MHz channel widths.  Quite a few I've done work fine but my last set never did work right but there's a lot of FHSS in the area.

    Make sure they talk fine on the bench in the same room.

    run airView spectrum analyzer and look for potential interferance from FHSS systems

    monitor them on aircontrol so when they do link up you can watch signal and noise changes

    if all else is normal try to get away from that copper roof or use a single pol external antenna.

    good luck.

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    So far they seem more stable now that I've moved them into a production environment.  They'll connect, anyways, but they won't connect reliably.  There's some rooftops and a tree in the wireless path, so this is not unexpected.  But the weird refusal to associate seems to not be a problem anymore.  So I guess your idea on the reflections off the rooftop was a likely culprit.

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