AirOS 8.0.1 Has Been Released!

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    airOS 8.0 for airMAX AC devices has been released. You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.

      Version 8.0.1 (XC, WA) - Service Release (February 3, 2017)
    Supported products
      * Rocket 5AC Lite, model: R5AC-Lite	
      * Rocket 5AC PTP AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTP
      * Rocket 5AC Multi-Point AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTMP
      * PowerBeam 5AC, models: PBE-5AC-500, PBE-5AC-620, PBE-5AC-300, PBE-5AC-400
      * PowerBeam 5AC 300 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-300-ISO
      * PowerBeam 5AC 400 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-400-ISO
      * PowerBeam 5AC 500 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-500-ISO
      * NanoBeam 5AC 19dBi, model: NBE-5AC-19
      * NanoBeam 5AC 16dBi, model: NBE-5AC-16
      * LiteBeam 5AC 23dBi, model: LBE-5AC-23
      * LiteBeam AC 16 dBi 120 degrees, model: LBE-AC-16-120 
      * Rocket 5AC Prism, model: R5-AC-PRISM
    Regulatory updates:
    - Revised UNII Rules activation for IC/Canada (Please see note)
    - Updated Australia allowed frequencies for 5GHz 
    - Updated New Zealand allowed frequencies for 5GHz 
    airOS security improvements: 
    - OpenSSL update to v1.0.2j 
    - XSS vulnerability in DHCP client info     
    - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for FW Update Check 
    - Command injection in Ping test tool     
    - Remove unused WMM related code 
    - XSS in WEB UI language handling
    - Fix: Reduce false A12 initialization error detection
    - Fix: Sometimes AP drops all Stations using WPA2 EAP security (pure AC and mixed modes affected)
    - Fix: Station fails re-authentication with AP using WPA2 EAP security causing Station disconnect
    - WEB UI: Login page improvements on small screens like mobile phones
    - WEB UI: Fixed sorting by Firmware version in Device Discovery tool
    - WEB UI: Fixed reporting of firmware version in Station List
    - WEB UI: French translation mistake in Login page 
    - WEB UI: Previous device's name is showed in the title after Device Name change
    - WEB UI: DHCP Lease Time field should be wider 
    - WEB UI: "Rx Signal" label misses "Rx" 
    - WEB UI: DHCP Address Reservation section misbehavior in case DHCP Server is disabled 
    - WEB UI: Various small UI improvements 
    Canadian users can request unlock codes here:

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