Mini site - PowerBeam 5AC-400-ISO + LiteBeam AC AP-120

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    One of the things we have great success with is installing mini sites in rural areas.
    The site is setup, where it is only possible to reach few clients within a half square mile or less.

    First we find the best spot to install the mini site. At this example is on top of a large barn. From the roof several houses can easily be seen.
    Then we make sure that some clients actually wants our service. That is seldom a problem. We are in areas with bad service from xDSL and with no FTTH.

    Since number of potential clients is small we have to save some money. That is where the LiteBeam 5AC AP-120 is great. AP with included antenna. Nice to use, when only few clients in close proximity…

    This site consist of:

    PowerBeam 5AC-400-ISO linking to larger site. 30 MHz channel width

    2 LiteBeam 5AC AP-120 Access Points covering the clients in 240 degree (Not needed to cover 360 degrees since only forest) + shields (shield is needed because of close installation to other AP)
    1 EdgeRouter X configured with OSPF

    1 Netonix WS-6-MINI switch (Powered by AF PoE brick)
    1 Small UPS

    1 Thalassa enclosure


    The site is now servicing 4 clients with 100/100 Mbit/s connections (LiteBeam 5AC-23 client radio 20 MHz channel width).


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    Hi, Great looking install. Nice with the shielded sectors! Keep up the good work!! Greets Henry

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    Which antenna is behind the LiteBeam ?

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    The antenna is a LiteBeam 5AC AP-120 (

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    Yes I see that, was talking about what looks like a small sector on the other side.  Maybe that is the shield in between…

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    It's the shield. There is only 2 x LiteBeam 5AC AP-120 with shields….

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    Who makes the shield kits as I have not seen them yet?

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    This is a mirror of my setups. It works very well.

    Why not use an EP-R6? I do, it saves me an enclosure, Netonix, ER-X and some money.

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