Powerbeam 5AC-300 ISO connected to our tower

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    Hi guys, Recently we connected our 7th customer to our tower. In june last year we setup a connection from a church to the countryside 4km ahead. The connection is a succes, and recently we connected our 7th customer. For this setup we connected a PBE 5AC-300 ISO as the main connection to our tower.

    From this point we installed a Mikrotik routerm Unifi Switch (US-8-150w) and Eaton UPS as our MER :) to power two UAP-AC-Pros. Because they have a guesthouse, we setup another PtP (NBE 5AC-19) to the guesthouse were we installed a SER and installed a second US-8-150w) to powerup another UAP-AC-Pro and a couple of fixed devices. The customer is really satisfied with the result.

    Before the microwave link they had a connection (DSL) with speed various ranging like 2mBit down, 0.2mBit up. After our install we capped the speed a 25mBit down, 10mBit up. After all a nice story!!

    See pics for more details.

    PS: We matched the color of the ISO 300 with the Astra dish who was already on the wall :):)



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    Great setup!

    What kind of painting did you use ? I need to paint an AF5 same dark grey like you did…

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    Any non-metalic spray paint works.  I personally prefer the rustoleum brand because it sticks well.

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    Hey what brand outdoor enclosure is that?

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    . The outdoor case is from Eldon. http://www.eldon.com/nl-NL/

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    Nice clean looking install!

    One suggestion - in your last picture with the Unifi switch with the ports facing down - I like to mount those sideways with the ports on the side.  That way the air vents are on the bottom and top and you get a much better convection air flow (especially in an enclosure like that and them being passivly cooled).  With the ports on the side it still keeps dirt out of them - it's a decent compromise.  My only complaint about those things is they get a little warmer than I like for passivly cooled.

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