UNIFI AC HD and AC MESH Testing Malang - Indonesia

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    Yess… Finnally we got oppotunity to test the new UNIFI AC HD and UNIFI AC MESH, thanks to www.spectrumindo.com to let us try this new device in Faculty Medicine Brawijaya University - Malang - Indonesia.

    UAP + Mesh.jpg

    The product deliver by UBNT Instructor mr. Muhti Subiyantoro from Spectrum Indonesia, and give use some knowlegde about this new product, including give some trick to configure the controller to get the best result that can bost the AP perfomance in the field. In this test we focus to get the max user and the perfomance of this device. How the AP deliver data during so many client connected to the AP.

    room 1.jpg

    room 2.jpg

    room 3.jpg


    The RED LABEL..... BETA SAMPLE device...

    UAP HD.jpgMesg Beta.jpg

    For the testing we not install new controller but directly insert the UNIFI AC HD to the existing controller. For this test we turn of ( 6 Unifi UAP-LR and 1 Cisco Aironet 3700 ) that install in this area. BUT unfortunatelly the number student in the area not so many.. we only got 89 user connected.... so we try focus to the other test.. Data Deliver Test perfomance.


    The result for this test is

    1. Macbook Pro can get 125Mbps speed, because the Macbook Pro only using the 11AN technology

    2. Iphone 5S 64G almost got the same result 120Mbps, and again when we check in controller Iphone 5S only using 11AN not yet 11AC

    3. Xiaomi Redminote 3 Mediatek.... Walaaa... we got maximum speed 143Mbps Download and 154Mbps Upload, when we check in the controller redminote 3 already connected using 11AC technology ( Below the screen shot off Redminote 3 and some speed test result)

    4. Test using Mi4C got almost the same.. 130Mbps with 11AC technology

    All test conduct when the Unifi AC HD have 40 User in connection list

    Redmi note 3 AC link.jpgRedmi note 3 AC Result.jpg

    Because we don't have Iphone 7 for testing with AC technology, so we decided to using Mikrotik RB HAP AC to try connect to the Unifi AC HD.... and WOWW... we got Data rate connection TX rate = 1,3Gbps and RX rate = 975Mbps. We connect the RB HAP AC to PC  and then make speed test to nearest Speedtest server and we got 182Mbps Dowload and 258Mbps Upload Speed. Nice bandwith deliver with 40 user connected to the AP.

    HAP AC Client.jpg

    We also using Mikrotik Internet Bandwith test to try the connection, and we got result in UDP Bothway we got 108Mbps TX and 224Mbps RX.

    Udp Both.jpg

    But when we are testing for UDP Send we got 440Mbps speed result.

    Udp Send.jpg

    Thats the result of the first day tesing, we cannot get the enough user, but we were very satisfied with bandwith deliver perfomance of UNIFI AC HD

    The 2nd Day Test

    For this test we mve the place to the Faculty of Computer Science in Brawijaya University. The test is conduct by mr. Ivan Yulfrian the IT Staff. We install Unifi AC HD and Unifi AC Mesh, and turn of 9 other AP ( 5 Unifi UAP, 2 Cisco Aironet and 2 Unifi AP Outdoor )

    We listed 108 user in Unifi HD and 47 user in Unifi AC Mesh. User in 5Ghz only 10% from all user, Client with the best perfomance is Redminote 3 and Macbook Prod with Datarate 450Mbps in -60dbm signal.

    Below some picture from the controller, and we capture from the log max user is 293 client with 6,67GB traffic Deliver.

    WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 20.26.09.jpeg

    1. controller.jpg

    Max Client + Traffic.jpg

    Below is the redminote connection in 11AC

    Redminote Connect.jpg

    In this condition we also test using 2,4Ghz device and we got result 8,9Mbps Download and 2,57Mbps Upload, and we can still watch the youtube video in 720P resolution without buffering ( UNIFI AC HD 108 User )

    2. 2,4Ghz link.jpg

    and below when we are testing using 5Ghz device because not so many user connected we can still Gain 94Mbps Download and 156Mbps Upload ( UNIFI AC HD 108 User )

    3. 5Ghz link.jpg

    So far we still cannot reach max number of the client, but again 108 Client Can Deliver 94Mbps-156Mbps in 5Ghz and 8.9Mbps - 2,5Mbps speed is Excelent experience....

    End of the day .... End of the Test..... SAD moment.......

    Thank's to

    1. Teguh Wijaya

    2. Muhti Subiyantoro

    3. Kuswindarto

    4. Ivan Yulfrian

    5. Alan

    6. and So many other

    Device Unplugg.jpg

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