EdgeRouter isues - OSPF- web interface Disconects- need help

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    I recently changed my network fron layer 2 to layer 3, its was an advise from a much more experienced Network engeneer than I would consider my self.  I startes with two separet networks  that now they are joined. We used Mikrotik in the core and Edgerouter R6 at the antenas. Started with 3 routers and now have 15 edgerouters R6. They are all running the latest software release.  I am running OSPF on all the links but have not yet implemented link redundacy on the towers. I can access any device on my internal network from anyware in my network (so both part of my old network are rechable ofcourse under different configurasion)!   but somthing must be wrong ethe with my configurations or the routers themselves.  just befor I write this I had some error that where pointed out to me by my friend the more experienced network engineer. He told me to set on all routerw loopback IPs he shouwed mehow  and falow his lead and set all routers with seperate x.x.x.x/32 ip. I now  see the ips and are working ok, the OSPF updates the routing table, I belive corectly and ass I sai I can connect to all internal devices But before I setup the loopback ip I had the same problems if not more with before i do that.

    1. somtimes (mostly all the time now ) I have slow responce from the edge router's interface even those that are two hops away and a lot more on those that are far away (7 wireless hopes, ping is 15 ms at max). Also I get a lot disconects from the the routers web interface (using explorer and chrome browsers) some times its 4 disconnect/1'minute, while the pings are stady and don't loos a ping.  I was told by my friend thtat this is because i had not set the loop back IPs. I think that is also somthing else thinking firmware problem!!

    2. I say this becase the  router seamed to crash afer 2 h in operation and stoped routing packets betwin interfaces but was still accessable, gould it be that the OSPF has bags or that I am still doing somthing wrong? A reboot fixed it, and now can ping the internal and external net ips (gooble, etc.).

    I have used on most routers Masquerade on the (Outbound Interfaces) and it work for my perpuse fine.

    1. as  I mentioned I have two Gateways to the net and at some poing their paths meet on one R6 EdgeRouter (connect on same Edge router).  OSPF propagates both gateways on routing table but ther is no Interent!!!! unless I reboot it.

    2. just noticed that with the latest firmware there is no more compatibility with chrome whis I was previewsly using (Version 49.0.2623.112) previewsly firfox was not working and now its working.– strange staff they do @ ubiquity

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    The disconnection I have mentioning above could be browser related, iI read in other post in the forum that could be broser related and I have old browser. did try to dellete cookies as many have sugested, did but did not work for me.  if its a browser problem i will be very much bothered be all these, that i will have to buy also a new Laptop just to use the EDGE Routers.

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