Which Firmware is Safe

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    Most of my Airmax M stuff is running 5.5.9 - 6.0. I just saw that 6.1 came out. Is that the patch fix for the PHP hole?

    Same with AC stuff. I'm assuming the latest FW release is the patch fix for this problem.

    Is there 5.5.x fixes?

    What about 4.0.3 FW   I didn't see it in the listing, but was wondering if anyone had heard anything about it being vunerable. Is there a patch fix for NS2 and Bullett

    Anyone having any major issues with the 6.1 release? I finally have gotten stable FW on most of my devices and I don't want to panic upgrade and crash he network. Basically what happened when they removed channel shifting as a selection option in the 5.6 FW

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    I would expect to see a version 5 (I'm guessing 5.6.10) release very soon.

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    The best firmware is that one that you know, trust and works best for you.

    Vulnerability exist (know or unknown yet) however can be workaround.


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