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    I'm interested in airmax linking 3 segments of a ranch, eventually to install PoE cameras onto the network created. I'll attach an annotated map of the ranch for specifics. For link segments A and B on the map, they're only around 200 feet each, but assume that running physical cable isn't feasable. Maximum height of trees involved is 10 feet, and they are not dense. Is it possible to have a single piece of airmax equipment and/or aspecialized antenna at the central connectivity point, or will I need more than one? Which specific airmax equipment do you recommend to accomplish each of the 3 link segments?

    I am a network engineer, but this is my first long shot wifi connectivity project, so your guidance and help is greatly appreciated.

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    My recomendation would be to put Rocket R5AC-Lite on a AM-5G19-120 at the central connectivity point.

    Use Nano Beam NBE-5AC-16 radios at the other buildings.

    You will want to use towers/poles as necessary to geta clear line of site between the AP and the stations.

    Good Luck!  Looks like a fun project.

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    Thank you for the recommendations. I'll get this equipment ordered and post back about success once everything is installed and running.

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