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    I have a mix of NSM2, NSM5 (majority), some rockets and the odd nano bridge and power beam, running versions from 5.5.3 to 5.6.4. I'm looking into upgrading to 6.0.1 to proof against potential security risks, but there seems to be a lot of threads about disconnects in 6.0 and 6.0.1-beta. So how has it been so far for adopters of 6.0.1 since last Friday's release?

    Sub question - will any v5 device connect to any v6 device, or would I need to bring them up a step closer before starting upgrades? And does it matter to upgrade the AP or the stations first?

    Thanks !

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    Anyone ever come up with cause and/or solution(other than replacing the radio with a newer build)? Still have 3650 and 2.4 Nanostations that are operating on 5.6.9 due to the 6.0 firmware issues.

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    And upgrade stations first. Learned that the hardway with a 900 sector.. ended up causing an outage till I was able to roll the AP back

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    Airos5 can connect to airOS6 and vice versa.(in theory)
    just upgrade first the stations and afterwards your AP.
    6.0.1 beta was mainly for backwards compatibility to AC radios in 'airmax PtMP mixed mode'… as always 'read the release notes carefully' especially about all changes between the releases.

    btw: didn't jumped with my XM straight to AirOS6... first to 5.6.9 than to 6.x. on selected devices to see how it's running.

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    From my experience, 6.0 and 6.0.1 work fine on stations. However, I have issues with disconnects when APs are on either.

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