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    Afternoon all,

    Ive been reading topics for the last couple or hours and getting different advice so thought it best to post my own situation and have done with it,

    I am looking to get some internet at my workshop that is 460m away (via the road - short as the crow flys) there is a row of trees that even with a pole (due to slight incline going to the unit) i will not get above. I have a choice (according to the posts) of 2.4 or 900 mhz range. I am looking to put a CCTV camera in and use it for surfing the net.

    I can attach it to the TV pole on the back of the house where the line stops and a pole at the unit to give a bit of hight but it wont be above the trees.

    Ive looked at the m900 but then what ariels do i need?

    any help would be great, thanks in advance,

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    point to point.jpg

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    Do you know if you have any local noise near you? Being 2.4ghz or 5ghz? Is the section of trees your concerned about the cluster near the middle of the link? Do these trees completely block line of sight?
    If you don't have 2.4ghz noise nearby I would grab a pair of radios (directional) and try it out. At such a short distance you can sometimes use 5ghz when there is a minimal amount of shrubbery in the path but it's not good practice. How much higher would you need to go to get over the trees? There are many inexpensive options to get an extra 10- 20' (3- 7m) if need be.

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    After going up on the cable end of the unit i actually have line of sight so what would be best to buy in that instance?

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