[USG] Firmware 4.3.37 has been released

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    Hi all,

    Announcing the release of USG firmware 4.3.37, prepared by . We've pushed this firmware to recent stable controllers, and will be posting it to our download page.

    <u>Changes from 4.3.34:</u>

    • Security update

    • Fixed config_network_wan2 reporting (cause of "WAN1 gateway overwriting WAN2" problem)

    • Back end changes for DPI statistics retention coming in a future controller version.

    • Send info on L2TP Remote Access VPN clients to controller

    • Fix memory leak in guest redirector

    • Enable authentication logging for RADIUS server

    • Fix "iptables: Index of deletion too big" after successful delete and unsuccessful addition problem described here (unlikely to be encountered on USG, but possible with some config.gateway.json uses).



    The UniFi Team

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