AirOS 8.0.2 Has Been Released!

  • Ubiquiti Employee

    airOS 8.0 for airMAX AC devices has been released. You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.

    Version 8.0.2 (XC, WA) - Service Release (March 28, 2017)
    - New: SNMP OIDs for CPU and Memory utilisation
    - New: Update dropbear to v2016.74
    - New: OpenSSL update to v1.0.2k
    - New: libevent update to v2.1.8
    - Fix: PTP mode stability and performance improvements
    - Fix: Security fixes and improvements
    - Fix: ATPC fast restart added
    - Fix: Restore initial TX power on AP/PTP when ATPC is turned off
    - Fix: Revert Device Name strictness for DHCP Client (escape only hashtag ‘#’ symbol which breaks DHCP Client operation)
    - Fix: Station fails re-authentication with AP when the same SSID is used for other APs
    - Fix: Stations start disassociating from AP (PTMP)
    - Fix: ATPC feature enable/disable and ATPC target signal change interrupts wireless link
    - Fix: Wrong distance (100km) reporting after switching from Fixed to Auto Distance in airMAX PTP mode
    - Fix: Flow Control fix for WA products
    WEB UI:
    - WEB UI: Don't allow to remove BRIDGE0 interface containing WLAN0
    - WEB UI: "(Auto)" label missing on STA's Remote statistics in case ATPC is enabled on AP (PTP mode only)
    - WEB UI: Show more detailed error messages when upgrading invalid firmware
    - WEB UI: Improved Station List for small screens like mobile
    - WEB UI: Change status.cgi output type from text/html to application/json
    - WEB UI: Password change validation fix
    Supported products
      * Rocket 5AC Lite, model: R5AC-Lite	
      * Rocket 5AC PTP AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTP
      * Rocket 5AC Multi-Point AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTMP
      * PowerBeam 5AC, models: PBE-5AC-500, PBE-5AC-620, PBE-5AC-300, PBE-5AC-400
      * PowerBeam 5AC 300 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-300-ISO
      * PowerBeam 5AC 400 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-400-ISO
      * PowerBeam 5AC 500 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-500-ISO
      * NanoBeam 5AC 19dBi, model: NBE-5AC-19
      * NanoBeam 5AC 16dBi, model: NBE-5AC-16
      * LiteBeam 5AC 23dBi, model: LBE-5AC-23
      * LiteBeam AC 16 dBi 120 degrees, model: LBE-AC-16-120 
      * Rocket 5AC Prism, model: R5-AC-PRISM

    Please @mention me if you have any questions.

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