Unifi-ing parent's house

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    So after constant issues with my parent's internet and equipment I decided to overhaul everything and install 3 G3 cameras. More pictures/videos on the way. I am not looking forward to climbing in the attic. No one has been in there for 35 years!


    • USG

    • 8 port 150w POE switch

    • 3 X G3 cameras

    • Unifi AP AC Lite (downstairs)

    • Unifi AP AC LR (upstairs)

    • Obihai Obi202 (google voice)

    • Gigabyte GB-BXBT-1900 mini PC w/ 4GB memory 500gb hybrid drive running ubuntu 16.04 LTS (unifi controller & NVR)



    Ran into some serious issues during the install. I accidentally cut the security system cable thinking it was an unused telephone line (LOL). I was able to get 2 cameras installed with the 3rd's camera bas and cable ran.

    I ran out of cat6 keystones and termination ends for the other camera and access point. I will be installing pvc conduit to protect all the cables and the previously installed coax on my next trip. Here is a shot from the NVR running the 2 cameras.


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    You may want to keep in mind that running the NVR, and controller on the same system will take a few extra steps due to duplicate port requirements.


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    Sorry what?

    I am running controller and NVR on the same machine, without problems?

    What duplicated ports are you talking about? :-)

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    I was wondering the same thing too. I run this same setup on my Intel NUC for over a year without any issues.

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    I stand corrected.  Everything I've found conflicted.

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