UniFi'ed condo

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    So it´s come to the point, that i´d call my productive setup as ‚finished‘ and I thought why not sharing my story

    16 port 150w POE switch
    2x UniFi AP AC Lite

    Last year I got a condo and with that there was the chance in getting Cat in every room with a central point for my networking. In addition I planed network ports in two locations for 2 access points, one for the living room area and one in my office connecting the bedroom.
    I used one UAP Lite already and decided to go full UniFi.
    I´m getting a pretty good coverage on about 110m2 with two AP AC Lites now.

    Those are connected to a rack mounted 16 USW 16 Port POE and a USG.
    The newest device is a Draytek Vigor 130 to function as a VDSL Modem in bridge mode, because I wanted to get rid of the Deutsche Telekom Router that I used and the Double NAT which came with it.
    The modem ist now connected to the USG´s WAN port and I got a second connection to VOIP port which I configured as a 2nd LAN to reach the Vigor’s management web interface and via snmp.
    I needed to do that because the eth0 was now serving the PPPoE and not getting a static IP from the GUI and loosing it when I configured it through the CLI.

    What I also got was a RJ45 to SFP GBIC, that is connecting the switch to the USG because I´m running out of ports already. You can get it on amazon for those (German) who are interested

    Controller-wise I’m running a VM on my HP Microserver that is running a VMware esxi, now in Version 5.5.9 - with that I configured a L2TP remote User VPN from the GUI

    As you can see from the pictures there are quite some power supplies in my network cabinet, so for airflow and mainly for cooling the switch I installed a silent 12cm case fan. I really recommend that because it keeps the UniFi switch from turning on its fan which is pretty loud.

    Finished.JPGDashboard App.pngDevices.pngTopology.pngIMG_2037.JPGIMG_2004.JPGObservium.pngopened.JPGLite.JPG

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    I really like the cabinet and your approach with it. Care to share brand/model?

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    It´s a Rittal Flatbox 6U, number DK 7507.000

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    Dual WAN?

    Edit: No, just saw your screenshot. What are you using the VOIP/WAN2 port for?

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    It's all described in the text ;)
    I use it as a LAN2 connection that also connected to the Modem, so I can Access the Modems Management Network, because of pppoe the WAN Port loses its local address. With my workaround I managed that.

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    With a config.gateway.json you should be able to have the PPPoE and a static IP address for management on the same interface (eth0).

    Then you could do away with the extra hub/switch between the Draytek and USG.

    But at the same time, if you're happy with what you've got… leave it alone :-)

    Nice tidy job here, well done.

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    So the device to the left of the USG…USB server or extender? I noticed some VMware clients listed, so I assume USB server?

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    It's a raspberry pi that is running DNS and pi-hole for adblocking

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    : Please, could you explain how this works? I have the same problem now that I can't access the modem's web management…

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