Older Home Unifi Retrofit in the UK

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    A simple Unifi install in an older house.


    • 3x Gen1 Access points
    • 1x 5-port toughswitch
    • 1x HP T5740 thin client running debian + unifi controller + openmediavault.

    Relatively simple install as loft access available and a riser from the cupboard for running cables.  One of the access points required a little ceiling drilling to negotiate a joist and cable ducting was installed on the wall of a toilet to get cabling from one roofspace to another.



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    Nice work, and good to see someone else going strong with the Gen1 UAP hardware. It's sometimes easy to overlook in the race for new technology just how good this stuff still is, and in locations where the internet bandwidth is not massive, they do a perfectly good job. Is this in the UK somewhere?

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    It is indeed in the UK.  I've always been really impressed with the Gen1 kit, and even more so in this property as it's all solid walls but the WiFi signal propagates much further than I was expecting.  Think they get around 18Mbps down which beats my 7Mbps here in Somerset, UK!

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    This doesn't look like an old or new UK home as there are no nasty wallpapers :)

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