TOUGHSwitch 8 Port + AirMax AC

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    I just installed a TOUGHSwitch 8 Port next to a tower with 5 AC radios:

    4 x Rocket ACs + 1 x PowerBeam AC 500 - directly connectedf to the TS, 24v POE - all cables tested fine with a Fluke cable tester.

    The kit is not production yet, so I can play about with it, and is in place and working with two exceptions. Two of the Rockets are showing as 100Mbps as opposed to the PB and other two Rockets showing Gigabit. I did a reboot earlier and they all came up Gigabit for an hour - another reboot and they have reverted to 100Mbps. Firmware is 1.3.5, I've fiddled about with various Flow Control settings, but I can't get Gigabit back.

    I've done some reading on here and I'm understanding that the old TOUGHSwitches can struggled with Gigabit PoE. Am I missing something, or should I revert to some other kind of switch (Would the newer UniFi 8 port work better?)

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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