Amplifi dropping signal on Android phones

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    Has anyone else noticed Amplifi quickly dropping and regainaing signal for Android Phones?  I've tried mutiple devices and see the same thing.  I only have one router and no special settings.

    No other devices besides Android have shown this behavior.  I replaced the unit and have done al the updates, same result.

    Am I the only one?


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    Haven't noticed anything like that - you mean the received signal level on the phone?


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    Network connectivity drops, then quickly connects.  Tested on S7 Edge and Oneplus 3T.

    Doesn't happen on any other devices that I have noticed.  Roku, macbook, Windows 10 laptop.

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    I experience the same problem (connection drops, quickly reconnects) but it happens also on my macbook and Iphone. Am I overlooking something?

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    My experience has been the opposite. I don't have any androids, but a few of my friends do and have had no issue with the Guest network. I have 4 iphones, 6 windows computers, airport express (for audio points), a few Alexa devices and an xbox. Connectiviely has been extremely solid. I got mine back in January and at that point the AUTO Channel selection logic was not quite good enough for my usage. My environment is not especially noisey but it always picks the same channel that I have a Uverse 5gHz wireless STB transceiver on…Same thing on the 2gHz band...Much better channels available than what it picks. This never caused a reconnect, but performance in the room where the wireless STB resided was degraded some.

    Unless you did it already, I would suggest getting the Acrylic app or other wifi scanner to see what the channel situation is in your environment...Maybe it isn't choosing well. I did try AUTO channels again in an update where it was claimed to improve channel selection and it still picked used channels when most others were obviously less used...But I think that has to do with how my Amplifi is located in reference to the wireless STB transceiver. Might be an edge case...hard to say.

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